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  1. Here's what an Obstructed Oceanview looks like on the Coral Princess - http://www.youralaskacruise.com/reviews/2010-coral_princess-n1/0252-coral_princess-obstructed_oceanview-1282.html And Guaranteed means they assign a specific cabin just before sailing. I'm okay with Guarantees on some ships and in some categories but Obstructed Oceanviews are nowhere near cheap enough to justify a view like that (YMMV, of course).
  2. That's what I often do - just walk across the street and see when the next trip is available. Not a good plan perhaps but it's worked for me 3 times.
  3. Because federal regulations say so. They don't have to be logical when applied to a place like Alaska, they're just the rules.
  4. Juneau is by far your best option. Prince Rupert is a distant 2nd-place, and Skagway and Ketchikan aren't on the list.
  5. Yukon

    Shore excursions

    I've used them several times. The pro is that when booking several excursions it's very simple - one payment. The con is that you sometimes pay more than booking direct - not often but sometimes.
  6. That's the economic reality of a car rental operation that's only open for a little over 4 months a year. If you want do a one-way rental from Anchorage to Skagway in May, or Skagway to Anchorage in September you can get a heck of a deal!
  7. Yukon

    Shore excursions

    ShoreTrips is one of the top excursion brokers in North America.
  8. The comment that you quoted is the answer - you have 0% chance of seeing the aurora between May and mid-August and 5% for the last 6 weeks of the season.
  9. Yukon

    Which cruise line

    There's a LOT to be said for going with a company that you're happy with, especially when you're doing a crusetour with them as well. Have you really looked at HAL? It's one of our favourite lines and we're far from being "formal" folks - we love the "classic yacht" feeling of the ships, and the extra level of service beyond Princess, RCI, etc is noticeable.
  10. I'd modify that to 0% between May and mid-August and 5% for the last 6 weeks of the season.
  11. Skagway is far enough north - I live 100 miles north of Skagway and have seen them as early as August 15th. The stronger the auroral display the brighter the moon can be before wiping them out - no moon is best and tonight with the moon at 52% it would have to be a very strong display to see much more than a bit of a glow.
  12. Yukon

    Which cruise line?

    That's true for some people...
  13. No, those are separate trains. Anything you can do with HAL you can also do with independent operators - except their special champagne train trip.
  14. Yukon

    Which cruise line?

    If that's the case she can redefine her statement "I'm really more concerned with quality vs. price."
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