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  1. If we did a family trip with all 13…. I’d definitely be asking for 11 and me and wife at the nearby(ish) 2 top. 🙂
  2. There was a middle age bracket that parents could allow self signin/out or require parents to pickup. You specified when you initially filled out the waivers. I think it was 11-12, but I do not recall for sure.
  3. Depending on where you will be in Austin - XYZ Laboratory in Lakeway was super easy. But they don’t file directly with insurance. We have done antigen there for travel and did a sane day PCR when my kiddo had symptoms and we wanted to make sure it was really allergies.
  4. It’s a good warning! They also include the info on the ordering web page.
  5. Question for people that have uploaded it. For me the spot filled in indicating done, but when I go back to that section it asks for the same information again. I only ask because the first day I was trying it, I was getting lots of errors. Is this same for others?
  6. This! You are under the terms of the credit cards points offer. They do not have to release it at all. Part of their pricing model to pay with points is assuming some kickback from the cruise line. That is why it’s possible to get more “value” buying things like travel and less “value” if you get a straight cash exchange (if offered). Some of my cards can apply points to the outstanding balance. But it is not at a very good rate. I mostly go with restaurants
  7. My first thought was all of the above. I think the ability to talk to an individual 1:1 is more valuable than the mass line up with the speech one cannot hear because 1/2 the people are talking. Sure, the mock gathering shows you can walk down stairs, but doesn't prove you can find the location from any spot on the ship which I feel is the biggest issue for most people. Now, you may be right, there might be a benefit to the crew if they were to hold real muster occasionally to practice crowd control. But not necessary every cruise.
  8. I don’t feel it’s any less effective from a safety standpoint than the old method.
  9. I feel like In the suites lounge, the concierge has motivation to go above and beyond and earn more gratuity. If he or she can get away with it and the ship also gets higher reviews so whoever is pinching penny’s will go along…. $$ is a strong motivator.
  10. I don't think they know. As mentioned above, an area may be limited by muster station capacity. There is also a ship capacity, but that likely doesn't apply now. In the past, holiday trips hit the peak passenger counts w/ kids and number of people per rooms. Overall counts are down now, however, It may also be limited by some sort of COVID social distancing guidelines. I'd have to say simply - there is no guarantee you can add a 2nd person at any point after your initial booking.
  11. If one is diamond or above, they would get vouchers plus free drinks in the SL during the designated time. If one is not diamond, they get free drinks in the SL but NO vouchers. Depending on the ship and the concierge staff, the free drinks may be limited to what they setup in the lounge or they may just fill the drink orders in the SL from a nearby main bar and have more choices. That difference appears to be up to the ship (concierge? Capitan?) In the DL on Independence on my last trip, they just ran out ro OliveOrTwist and didn't setup a bar in the DL. Yes, I'm talking about the DL. But it appeared the SL operated the same way - but we were only JS so don't know for sure.
  12. Most labs and providers have a standard form that contains all the useful info.
  13. I think there were a few questions. If I recall correctly, we were notified in the app the muster was ready around 10am and we did it in the car. When we went to the muster station they already had the info, asked if we had any questions, and marked us as attending. I'm pretty sure if you don't do it before hand, then you get the quick demo and can go on your way. We did hear names getting called over the PA before we left. I assumed they were muster no shows.
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