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  1. Exactly. And you know who will complain the loudest when all hell breaks loose? The "all about me" anti-vaxxers.
  2. Though it is rare, people who have been fully vaccinated have died from COVID, but that is not my argument. What I am disgusted with is that when we booked, we were specifically told by a Royal agent that all passengers would be vaccinated. If he had not said that, we would not have booked. Also, as I said in my original post, it's the irresponsibility of the move that matters. Maybe the vaccinated will not be in danger, but the other non-vaccinated could very well be as well as the citizens of the many ports that are visited.
  3. Agreed. Also by allowing unvaccinated passengers on board, Royal is endangering the people who live in the already impoverished ports they will be visiting.
  4. If there are in fact Covid outbreaks, which is most likely with unvaccinated passengers, the cruise industry will be in even more dire straits than they are now.
  5. You got that right - it's profits and politics over safety. Heaven forbid if there are more outbreaks on ships, then watch the profits sink even more.
  6. We're in Canada too, and yes things could change by the new year. But COVID will still be around and we will all need to play it safe, if not so much for ourselves but for others. I don't want the variants to be given a chance to multiply. I don't want to see the people in the ports put in danger and I don't want to be on a cruise that is ruined because of an outbreak of COVID.
  7. As one who has cruised on Royal many times in the past, I must say, never again. We booked two cruises for early next year with the assurance that Royal would be maintaining strict COVID protocols. The fact that they are now going to allow un-vaccinated passengers on board is a total breach of contract under which we booked the cruises. I understand, when one needs to cancel their cruise for most appropriate reasons within the proper time frame, they would be afforded a credit towards a future cruise. The fact that Royal has totally changed their safety protocols is a breach of contract, and we should be allowed a refund. Of course they have turned us down on that. Forget about the money we are going to lose, but allowing non-vaccinated passengers on a cruise is downright irresponsible. My wife and I are fully vaccinated, but those who are not could be carrying virus and pass it on to others who are not vaccinated. The more people who are not vaccinated and catching COVID, the greater the growth of variants. Unvaccinated passengers could bring the virus to the ports we visit, many of which are already impoverished with poor health facilities. Cruises could be cut short or stranded at sea if a COVID outbreak occurs on a ship. We saw the nightmare of COVID on cruise ships in the early stages of the pandemic. Do you want to risk more nightmares on the seas. And if that happens, there might end up being a longer and more severe shut down of the cruise industry. What Royal Caribbean has done is disgusting and irresponsible.
  8. Have fun if someone on board gets COVID and you're either stuck at sea, ports won't allow you access or your cruise is cut short.
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