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  1. Why do people even care what others are wearing? Dress how you wish and mind your own business would be the best practice. Leave it up to the cruise line to decide how they enforce their suggested attire. smdh...
  2. Is it really worth the hassle to carry your own soda onboard, and then have to go back to your stateroom every time you want one???
  3. The ship's water is a lot healthier for you than bottled water. Ships have some of the best water plants in the world.
  4. The water is free on the Lido deck...
  5. I hate eating at the MDR, takes way too long...but the wife loves it.
  6. We went on this excursion with our teenagers and loved it. School was out, so we didn't get to see any of the kids. We had a good time at the farm and the kids enjoyed the beach. Lunch was good, but it was a long ride. I would highly recommend it.
  7. How noisy will it be in Cabin 9347 under Guy's Burger Joint seating area? Not too worried about during the day, but what about at night?
  8. Crickets....everyone has been waiting since Dec
  9. Do you have to make appointments for the THERMAL SUITE AND THALASSOTHERAPY pools or are they first come basis?
  10. Do you have to schedule times to use the THERMAL SUITE AND THALASSOTHERAPY pools or they open all day long first come basis?
  11. We tell people about this excursion all the time!! Definitely one of our favorites. The starfish were the best part of the trip.
  12. We used White Sands Tours and did a three stop snorkel, conch shell dive, and fed the stingrays. We had an awesome time and loved the excursion.
  13. We used Jester Sailing and went to Christmas Cove on a private sailing. Awesome time and there were only three other boats at Christmas Cove. We saw plenty of fish and turtles. I highly recommend them. http://www.sailjester.com/ Sorry, it is a sailboat instead of a catamaran.
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