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  1. I wouldn't think so being two decks down. We booked a Deck 14 room on the Regal.
  2. Booking number changed overnight with different charges on Regal 2/12/2022, anyone else?
  3. What added benefits do you get for booking through a TA? We have never used one,
  4. You can login on the website with your booking #, then change your password. This will change the passowrd on Medallion, I think..
  5. I understand you concerns and I think most of us have them also, but Princess is going to require the app use for their ease. When is our government going to start holding companies criminally liable for data breaches? Companies have no responsibility after data breaches other than paying for credit monitoring. We all know that is worthless until after the crime is committed. When will cell phone companies use RFI technology to stop criminals from having the ability to scan your phone within close proximity? Can't they use the same technology as wallets? For now, all we can do is utilize the
  6. Can anyone please provide an honest opinion? We have only sailed on Princess once and would like to try NCL.
  7. I deleted the app again and downloaded it. Finished the process of creating my login and linked my cruise. Now I can finally login the website with my new credentials. Finally!!!
  8. I get the same screen on the app, but can do nothing with it. Anytime I click on a link the app freezes and I have to shut it down. Even after updating it today.
  9. If I would have known beforehand Princess is too inept to get them working within a couple of days of having issues, I would have never booked a cruise with them. This has gone beyond pathetic...I have no confidence in Princess right now.
  10. All you have to do is touch the same money or any other surface with feces on it.
  11. The vaccine will protect you from dying. You never question people about their TB, whooping cough, polio, or measles vaccinations do you? They are just as critical.
  12. Click on "Booked Guests" and login using your name, DOB, and booking #. This will give you access to all your info
  13. Really no reason to wear a mask at all now. There is no difference in walking around and sitting down in indoor spaces. This nonsense of walking to a table with a mask but removing it for the next hour is just insane. Anyone who is vaccinated should no longer worry about it, or who else is not wearing it. Trust the science!!!
  14. Hopefully by Feb 2022 they remove the mask mandate
  15. Be careful with the clips, even my Fitbit constantly fell out of them, and went thru the washer a few times. Good thing the medallions are waterproof!!!!
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