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  1. sealady1

    Because of recent events, what I've done

    [quote name='MissMeggieMurphy']you know what a good day for me is. if a wake up in the morning. a bad day. don't know haven't had one yet.[/QUOTE] What a wonderful positive attitude!!! I am going to adopt your philosophy.:)
  2. sealady1

    Carnival Triumph - Photos - Tents - Sewage Bags

    People around the world living in similar conditions live in poor third world countries. They didn't pay upwards of thousands of dollars to live that way. Yes, it could have been worse but tell that to the people who lived through it. Some of them were hoping for the vacation of a lifetime. Some of them probably had to sacrifice and save for this cruise. Besides that how do we know there won't be any long term effects from having been exposed to such hazardous conditions?
  3. sealady1

    Norwegian On TV

    I apologize, folks, for starting another thread on this topic. I didn't see the other threads and I looked for them.
  4. sealady1

    Norwegian On TV

    I love this show as well. I think it is great that a person who is in such a high position would be willing to do all the dirty jobs of a lower paid worker and gain a new appreciation for these hard working people. I hope this Sunday's show will lead to better working conditions for all the very hardworking crew members onboard cruise ships across the industry.
  5. sealady1

    Norwegian On TV

    Hello Everyone, I just saw in the TV listings that Norwegian Cruise Lines is going to be featured on the show Undercover Boss this coming Sunday, January 2nd. The show airs at 9PM on the CBS network. Have a good day everyone.
  6. [quote name='MsTabbyKats']Not as horrible as having to settle lots of lawsuits....for lots of damages....and emotional damages......and ruined vacations....and stress....etc...... It's really just their "public relations"....to look good. Whatever....cheerleaders...cheer on![/quote] I don't think that Carnival is doing this just to make their "public relations" look good. This is going to be very costly for them. People's vacations were ruined yes, but this disaster could have been so much worse. There was no loss of life. Everyone came home safe and sound. That is what really matters after all. Isn't it?
  7. [quote name='lady_cruiser']I started one of them and the way I look at it - the more "welcome home" posts we have the more likely that they will be seen.[/quote] I agree. After what they have been through, we can't give them enough Welcome Home wishes.
  8. Now more than ever, I am really looking forward to my Carnival cruise next spring.
  9. On behalf of all CC members, I want to wish all the passengers and crewmembers of Carnival Splendor a very Welcome Home. We are so glad that you made it safely. I look forward to reading about your experiences but for now just enjoy being home. God bless you all. Many regards, Debbie
  10. I am saddened to learn of this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the sweet young lady who was taken from them way too soon. May she rest in peace, may they find the strength to go on without her and may swift justice come to those who, with so so little regard for human life, perpetrated this callous and senseless act of violence.
  11. Here's a bump. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your bracelet is found.
  12. sealady1

    A Question For Dutch By Association

    Thank you for your reply and for your honest opinion. My initial post was to ask DBA why it was taking so long to get a response from HAL. Honestly, I am not usually one to complain and I can easily roll with the punches but there were some major problems on this cruise, namely the long long wait for the bus to go home. This was especially hard for those poor elderly folks. HAL needs to be made aware of this one particular issue, if nothing else. I agree with you that customer service and genuine goodwill seems to be lacking in so many areas. IMHO, if HAL wants to remain a cut above the rest, then they need to step it up as far as customer service goes or else they will not be able to keep their standing as a premium cruiseline nor will they have repeat customers or be able to hang on to their loyal following.
  13. sealady1

    A Question For Dutch By Association

    I don't know who employs the port agents but there were people with HAL name tags who were of little or no help to us in this situation. There was not one single person in that terminal who showed us the least concern for what we were going through. We were truly on our own.
  14. sealady1

    A Question For Dutch By Association

    A group of elderly people, on their feet waiting outside the terminal for what turned out to be hours, was not a little inconvenience. It was an ordeal for them. An expensive ordeal at that. That bus ride was not cheap!! The stress that my husband and I experienced while our luggage was missing was no little inconvenience either. Yes, it turned positive when our luggage was found but you weren't there to see how we were treated so dismissively by the port agents. If you read some of the other reviews, you would see that other people had issues too. And, no, I didn't let it ruin my cruise. I stated that I had a good cruise overall and I would like to cruise again in the future.