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  1. I would prefer the ms 1 and 2. Lowest deck Panorama suite.... Amazing terrace, about 80m2....
  2. And the biggest joke is the answer from Costa re my complain...... We do not have party within bars after midnight and never use an outside bar for that. Nighttime party is within the discotheque...... They are lying direct into my face...... It's written in the daily.....
  3. I'm so soory i've no idea what you mean as I do not visit the Casino. Overall I,ll quit this Review, because i' ve never had such a bad cruise like this time.. We have a few MS and balcony in a row, Deck 6 Aft. If you are used to sleep on daytime you are fine on this ship. Otherwise Avoid .... They start live music in the bars below stateroom at 1145 pm, playing until 1AM and then DJ Party on sunset bar starts until 3AM. My mistiake this time: I traveled by car to the port this time, therefore i've to come back to Savona....otherwise i would have quit this cruise and flew home. My conclusion: never again Costa, not even for free....
  4. As said, first time to italy by BEV. First ionity charger do not work properly and blocked the charging cable. About 45 min on the phone to fix that. Arrival at Savona, follow the sign cruise port, but after a roundabout, you nee to got through a tunnel to get to the parking. Parking procedere is quite chaotic, as you ste not allowd to park by yourself. Waiting time about 1 hour. They take your luggage and car key pay the parking fee (91€ for 7day) and you are fine to git to ship. Boarding was very fast, rooms are ready at 3pm. Dinner at MDR was ok, but to be honest not the quality we are ised to have from X oder NCL. Breakfeast not good, Café machine only 2 for total restaurant. And one was brocken. No self service at buffet....looooong lines for everything..... More to come
  5. Just realized, booked rooms in the back above sunset bar....how loud is it, any experience?
  6. Started to do all they paperwork an realized...If the Manifest is filled properly, just one click to complete the CI... Never had it as smooth as this time. Great Job, Costa...
  7. Got an reminder today....only a few days until CI. Additional I got boarding time 1:30pm. As we have an mini suite, I don't know if our friends with the balcony has the same time...I got no Info for them so far....
  8. I know, very very early start, but planning start early this time. 2 reason: 4 Pax new to cruising, hotel booking one day before and one day after the cruise. Other: road trip using BEV this time... We plan to drive to Brunello first day, overnight at Stay Hotel. Early morning to Savona, car park in front of the ship booked. One the way home booked a hotel at Como and an excursion by costa.... Booked 2 balcony and 1 js Aft, deck6. Excursion package from Costa booked Plus drink package booked. Has the Diadema soot issues? Havn't seen so much complains about. .. More to come...
  9. That's ive asked specificaly. The answer from head of tech was no. Reason i've asked, vibration startet 2 hours befor docking in port...., regularly...exept first 2 days, here all time. This is normally the moment, they have to switch from Oil to marine diesel. The last 2 days, we don't have a problem...
  10. On the same cruise. Vibrations are very very bad on the first 2 days. Ive asked tech head, he said reason is a recovery machine, not fuel change. Ive asked specific about fuel....
  11. We booked the BCN airport transport service, provided by X. They promised: we pickup your lougagge and you will it get back out of the bus at BCN airport. Total fail. Luggage was rotating on the belt as very other luggage. We have to carry to the bus and load into the bus by ourself. Lesson learned: paid 30 bucks for a non existent Service. Next time taxi or uber, cost would be less than half as we are a party of 6.....
  12. Last dinner at blu. Food and Service where amazing again. We got extra tomato - Mozzarella and deep fried squid from the maitre... Menue: tuna, Filet Mignon, Rib eye. no dessert anymore :)
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