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  1. oct 2020 joy - price increase....
  2. but the downside of US TA: you do not have the coverage of EU law in respect of re routing, port change......
  3. but port tax /fee etc you will gat anyhow, right? - we got it on last cruises on ports we where not able to call because of weather.... to give you an example Total cruise cost 5600$ - 2 pax 50% = 2800$ got 2700$ why? Cruise must be taken by 02/28/2021 - means booked by or sailed by?
  4. my question on X is, actually how are these 50 % calculated in our case: base fare - we got too much full cost: missing some What missing link do I need, to do the maths at myself to come to X numbers?
  5. within EU we have free travel, without any borders / stamps, whatsoever It's not possible to track if any EU person was within the nogo area at p.e. Italy - if they just say NOPE - done....no chance...
  6. by the way - any money from X back on CC? So far nothing here....
  7. booked on an Asia cruise End of Feb - we don't know if we will cancel or not..... next in fall, US - Panama Canal we'll go...
  8. not canceled - relocated to Dubai as starting point
  9. Off topic, the coffee incident was McD... They where talking about Millions... Was within the media over here, but years ago
  10. To be honest, i do not understand you American guys: If a coffee is too hot you're running to court , but you sign contracts for holidays saying more or less, here is my hard earned money, do what you want, I'll accept. Within Europe we have to think first if we sign a contract, because any cancelation or change involve penalty fees. This is binding for both partys. Per Example if the Cruise Line, change more than one port, and date change us a change, you are allowed to cancel, full refund. In case something is going wrong during your vacation and you get more than 50% back, for any reason, we will get$$$ for lost holiday fun....based on salary I've booked a lot if cruises within the Us in the past, because of the by far better services from TA you get, but lesson learned, no more booking under US law based contracts...
  11. i would only fly in the same day out of winter season, exept I've a cruise and fly package... In this case the summit wait, to a certain extend, for the guests to arrive....
  12. Upfront we know the New Route for the 02/29 sailing i was pissed because of the following X denied boarding for pax transiting through HKG and our cruise was supposed to end there.... Now we go to Japan....
  13. how about Champage - do you know the brands? or not worth the upcharge for that?
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