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  1. To find some shade is more an issue at Seaside than Meraviglia. The Front of Seaside has all open deck...
  2. It's more an issue to find shade....
  3. Just checked for Germany bookings. They clearly state: no extra cost if bought upfront or as Part of the booking
  4. I got it by chance at Seaside.... Was called Farmers Breakfast... Was to much for Breakfast...
  5. The good thing, she has not the empowerment to decide this. She is able the decide about risk and virus countries. But travel is decision county by country
  6. Nope, don't compare apples and pears. I've said, fully vaxed.... We are close to the us now within Germany
  7. They talked this week, if there would be a willingness....
  8. Very easy. Same Procedere . Fully vax, why banned? As long as the US ban fully vax EU people, no US citizen should be allowed to enter the EU
  9. To be very honest, as long as the US ban is in place, the US guys should not be allowed to travel to Europe
  10. I would assume, there is no extra fee....
  11. As MSC is selling cruises by July....must be finished, normally...
  12. Had similar, best is react imidiately... otherwise you end up somewhere...
  13. We got new Stateroom yesterday Deck 19on Seashore.... Any info on the YC layout of seashore?
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