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  1. It is on your boarding pass not the luggage tag.
  2. Well,I guess I have been bestowed as a VIP and didn't know it. I have enjoyed most of the perks that Shogun speaks of but never thought I was anybody special. I do know several people that are in the California but never thought much of it.
  3. Yes, a true hot dog afficiando will only use onions and mustard on a hot dog - NEVER KETCHUP!!
  4. Hi Shogun - I know from past postings by you that you are a Princess VIP which get special privileges - I know I have more Princess days than you - How do I get VIP status - I don't own a Kilt but I do have a Polish Eagle belt buckle - several of us on this forum are very interested on what does one have to do to qualify for VIP status?
  5. I don't think so - the old cards can be punched for coffee only - They can be used for specialty ONLY if you have purchased a new ship/itinerary specific card - of course this will change from ship to ship because Princess does not have fleetwide policy that is observed by all ships in the fleet.
  6. Even that option has been controversial on this forum - Some posters have stated that they destroy it before your very eyes.
  7. Bravos Italian is probably a 20 minute walk depending on the drawbridge - excellent food and atmosphere at a reasonable price - and you can share dinners. Actually I would take the embassy for the price difference - it includes free cocktail hour (2) and a pretty good breakfast.
  8. I have never tipped the maitre de but have tipped the dining room captain in anytime dining, especially if we get the Godwin Experience.
  9. Juneau car rental has a website - they said is about a 1/4 mile to their location - got a midsize (Malibu) for $57.50 total, and they sent along an itinerary of places to visit.
  10. Gelato is only $1.50 - specialty drinks are $3.50 and up - I would not waste a card pinch for a gelato. However, the choice is yours.
  11. $32 for a pork chop - more than a tad pricey. We have stayed at the Hyatt just next door and noticed that there are very few cars in the parking lot at lunch or dinnertime compred to other nearby restaurants. I guess if you are among the 1%ers it would not be considered expensive.
  12. How do they handle 5L boxed wine?
  13. You can rent a car for $57 and tour all day!
  14. We send out every two days! I guess if you send out every day you could travel with a carryon and a backpack - I could but not DW'.
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