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  1. You missed an important point of what I was talking about: I was referring to the Suite / Sky class perk of not needing a reservation for any show - they see your purple Sky class seapass card and just wave you in and over to the reserved seating. Same thing with the employees guarding the reserved seats: they need to see that specially colored Sky or Star card to let you in to the reserved row. If you have a reservation to a show, then the band is enough to scan you in. My son tried going to a show without his seapass (only the wristband) and was told he couldn't come in without the actual seapass. Again, because he didn't have a reservation (because we were sky class.)
  2. I was on a suite on HoTS and got the bands. One of the Sky class perks is that you don't have to make reservations for shows; you can just walk in. The Wow bands won't work, they need to see your actual seapass card.
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