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  1. wiljohan

    How long does it take

    It took 3 days for ours to post. We cruise tomorrow!
  2. What deck do you enter on? Do you enter into the atrium? We are traveling with some newbies and its always so impressive to enter right into the atrium versus walking on and having to be herded into elevators up to the lido deck. Thanks for any info you can give.
  3. wiljohan

    How long does it take

    To have the obc applied when u submit a price protection form for early saver?
  4. Hey Everyone, Please help me out with this. We booked early saver back in July for a balcony and paid $629 per person. I have been looking at the prices everyday since then and they have only increased. Today I saw that there is a military rate for $514 per person for a balcony cabin. My husband and I are both retired military. I filled out the early saver form online and also faxed our DD-214 to carnival. We are sailing on Dec 9th. Should we expect to get the onboard credit? We sure are hoping to!
  5. wiljohan

    Isaac-one to watch

    Thank you Linda for keeping us posted. It is soo much better to hear the news reports from a local report as opposed to all these national reports.
  6. wiljohan

    How long until OBC shows?

    I have added funship dollars to be applied to my sign and sail acct (2 different times so far) for our december cruise and was also told that it wouldn't show up until right before our sail date. I keep checking but it still doesn't show up. I do have the e-mail receipts and will take them just in case....but I also have heard others say they didn't see it until right before they cruised. Not sure if this is something new. Just make sure you keep your invoices/receipts.
  7. wiljohan

    Any ships leaving today?

    We watched a ship leave last Sunday and thought it was so cool so I wanted to watch again today. Thanks for all the info.
  8. wiljohan

    Any ships leaving today?

    Appreciate the info! What is a good way to find out what ships leave on what days?
  9. Are there any ships leaving today that has a webcam? Would like to watch them depart.
  10. We are booked on a Dec cruise on the Carnival victory in cabin 8352 which is a category 8D. I am confused about the category cabins. Is a category 8E better? We are currently on the Verandah deck and I am concerned about noise from the Lido deck affecting us. So I was looking at different cabin categories.....and we could get an 8E on the lido or panorama deck. Is this better? I am specifically looking at the Panorama? But the website says we could get traffic/noise from people going to the pools. Can anyone help with suggestions?
  11. wiljohan

    Victory Chef's Table

    We are booked already for our upcoming Dec 9th cruise on the Victory! We did the Chef's Table on the Fascination last Dec and loved it! It was an incredible experience!
  12. wiljohan

    I'm on vacation! (sorta)

    I was lurking on these boards on the 4th of July.....thinking how much I have missed being on here and how much fun I had reading and doing research for a cruise. My DH asked what I was doing and kind of laughed and said I was reading cruise critic and I miss having a cruise to plan for. By the end of the day.....we had booked a anniversary cruise in Dec on the Carnival Victory! I am sooo excited to now be able to be on these boards and actually be planning our cruise!
  13. My husband and I just booked a balcony cabin on the Victory out of San Juan on Dec 9th and we are super excited! We love the port intensity of the cruise. We have never been to these ports so we are really excited about them. However, we can't find a whole lot of recent information about the ship and ports of call. I have read a lot of the old reviews. Does anyone have updated info and reviews they can share?
  14. wiljohan

    Gratuities refunded?

    If a person chooses to remove automatic tips that's a personal choice and any critisism by others in not deserved. I don't like nor have I ever liked automatic tips, especially those that come before the service. I tip my stewart each day, always tip the servers to include the buffets, and finally whenever I purchase a drink even thought the tip is already factored. The writer asked a question and deserves an answer...not a verbal spanking.
  15. Can u please tell me what the website is to find out what other ships will be in port when we are. We are leaving on the Fascination on Saturday for our honeymoon. Thanks!