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  1. I don't care what gift I get. I just want some of those Carnival Tervis Tumblers to add to my collection of Carnival glasses I already have even got some real glass ones in my bar from past cruises when they still used glass. Wonder if Carinval sells them.
  2. Does anyone know what the platinum gifts are right now I saw a review where they got Carnival Tervis Glasses I sure would like to have some of these .
  3. I did don't see one for this cruise.
  4. Has anyone had trouble getting the air out .Laid sideways squeezed until rim is full and capped tightly still got some air ?
  5. We have had a lot of cruises on our Anniversary .And will be on the Dream Oct. 30 for our 20th.
  6. Thanks for the reply .Its cool the way you have the links to your reviews on your signature I used the one on the Dream great Review and some really nice pictures .We will be in the same Cabin that you had.Those some of the best pictures of the cabin I have found of it.We have had balcony cabins on most all our other Cruises but from your pictures this lOOks like it will be the best one yet.
  7. We have a Aft wrap on the Dream on Halloween and it looks like from pictures I have seen the bed is set up in a way when you wake up you will be looking straight out the balcony can anyone who has had one of these cabins tell me if it is set up like this ? And if you liked this Cabin??
  8. I went on a lot of cruises on CCL when they where still there and saw a lot of the Show Girls up there .And All I got to say about it is Bring them Back .Please!!!
  9. Can someone explain to me how to post pictures on Cruise Critic?
  10. Getting closer I'm ready .How about you ?
  11. I think you should never Cruise again because the stuff you are sayin you fear could happen on any Cruise Line.Or maybe you should never leave the house again because some of it may happen anywhere.
  12. Wow what some cool pictures . On this Tread.
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