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  1. Hello we are traveling with Royal Caribbean and will have an 18 month old with us. Anyone have experience with the RC ship excursion? What kind of transport is provided? How long is the ride? Is it smooth? There's a great price right now for this excursion, but nervous about the logistics with our young one
  2. Haha yeah we have an 18 month old who we’ve put through a few torturous photo sessions. I’m just not sure how much we’ll use it sailing with her. I love the idea of it, but I just picture her running away during the 2 mins I’m trying to take a pic with my husband or crying because she’s scared of the photographer when it’s her turn
  3. Looks like there are two options- South Beach and where they currently are. I believe this is to the left of Coco Beach Club. Wondering what would be the quieter/more relaxed of the two options. We are traveling with a toddler and it's the hope she'll nap here so we don't have to go back to the ship. I believe the beds that are open now may be set back further from the water? I'm assuming no one really know about South Beach yet since it's not open? Also, what have people paid in the past? Looks like they start at $157, but have consistently been $199 every day I check.
  4. Does anyone have a current price list for photos onboard? I can purchase the unlimited digital package for $149 on my cruise planner right now. Part of me thinks it will be nice to not have to worry about having a camera all the time, but realistically not sure how many photos I would actually purchase if I didn't have this. I've only sailed with Carnival and NCL previously. Carnival seemed to have many more photo opps than NCL. Does anyone know how Royal compares? Thanks!
  5. A child saying hi to you should be the least of your problems. We travel multiple times a year and have seen the good, bad and ugly of other people's children. I would love if the least of our problems were someone saying hi to us
  6. Thank you for all the responses (some more so than others). We have decided not to book the unlimited dining plan. Our daughter is already going to be out of her element and probably way off schedule so we don't want to regret buying a package and feeling like we have to do a formal sit down dinner every night to pay for it Instead, we will try the daycare for a night and book a Chops reservation. Unfortunately, she cant go to the actual kids club because she's under 3 so we have to pay for daycare I will said had we chose to book the package I would never allow her to
  7. Is it frowned upon to do specialty dining reservations with a toddler? The unlimited dining plan is a very good price right now so I'm tempted. She does pretty well in restaurants for the most part, but definitely has her moments. How long should we expect to spend in restaurants? We would probably use the daycare one or two of the nights. Also, the way I understand it they book a reservation for you night oen, but we can't book anything else until onboard? Is there a special desk for this or we actually have to go to each restaurant? We would need to dine on the earlier side (pro
  8. Thank you. We decide to book through Playa Mia directly. Since our ship docks at 730 they are actually start transfers at 8am instead of 9. Want to try to get there as early as possible. Our toddler is free through them as well.
  9. Thanks! One of the main reasons we chose this ship
  10. Just booked for March on Harmony! We will be traveling with our 18 months old. Any tips/tricks? We are going to request a pack n play and have a guarantee balcony room so taking a chance on location. Any reviews on royal tots for this ship? I'm having a hard time finding anything with pics
  11. Arriving on Harmony of the Seas. Are taxis readily available when exiting the ship? Was planning on booking a ship excursion, but just the basic beach pass excursion doesn't leave until 10am and we are traveling with a toddler so want to exit the ship as soon as possible as we may need to leave to come back for a nap. I'm assuming this won't be a problem to grab a taxi, but what is the estimated fare? We can book through Playa Mia directly, but it is an extra $13 a person for transportation so trying to figure out if it is worth it to just grab a cab on our own. Thanks!
  12. I'm waiting on a response from RC directly, but does anyone know if toddlers in swim diapers are allowed in the new splash pad area on Navigator? It is so hard to figure out which ships exactly have this and even the ones that do have an area what the area looks like!
  13. Hello- does anyone have picture of the areas toddlers in swim diapers are allowed to use on either of these ships? I'll take any pictures of Oasis class ships though. Thanks!
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