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  1. We went ahead and canceled our Aug cruise to Alaska. We are being refunded all of our deposit and excursions that were already paid for. She did say it could take up to 60 days to receive the money, but that's ok. Hopefully sometime next year or so we can plan another one.
  2. We must be on the ship right after you. We're supposed to leave San Francisco on Aug 21 for Alaska.
  3. Thank you. How do you figure out what the cancellation fees are, just in case we decide to wait. I'm so sad over all this. We've never even thought of canceling a cruise before, so I have no idea what to do.
  4. I tried to find the answer to this but I'm not having any luck. We are booked on an Alaskan cruise on Aug. 21, 2020. Our final payment isn't due until May 23. If we decide to just go ahead and cancel the cruise before making final payment, is our $100 deposit we made credited back to our credit card? We also booked and paid for an excursion already. Would that be refunded also? I just don't know if we should wait and see, or cancel now. I don't want future cruise credit, if we cancel I'd want the money paid back, and it seems like if you cancel after final payment it's only given in cruise cr
  5. Ok, thanks. We are past that amount of days since we paid the deposit. Our final payment isn't due until May 23, so maybe we'll know more then. If we decide not to go, do we just not pay the rest, and would our deposit be refunded?
  6. I'm scheduled to go on an Alaskan cruise near the end of Aug. I'm really hoping it will still happen, but I also know that the insurance policies aren't covering any virus stuff. If I found a policy with that cancel for any reason clause, could I use that if we decided at the last minute not to go because of the virus? Also, I checked out both Travel Guard and RoamRight insurances and I can't find where I can add that clause. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use or if that would cover us if we thought the virus was still too risky but the cruise was going on as normal?
  7. My son is 32, and the main reason he's flying out with me is for Alcatraz. We are also going to see other things, but that's the top of his list. I sent him the link for the Behind the scenes tour and he's very interested in that.
  8. I just found another post with the official site. We can't get tickets until at least 90 days out, so I'll have to wait since we don't go until Aug.
  9. I'm finding several places to get tickets. Do you know which one is the official site? I don't want to risk a scam.
  10. I will be on an Alaskan cruise with a friend in Aug. I will be getting into San Francisco 4 days before the cruise with my husband and son. My son really wants to see Alcatraz. I'm planning on doing a day tour with him, but he also wants to do the night tour. Are they the same or is it worth it to do both? This is on his life bucket list, to get there, so I want to give him the full experience. If we do both tours, is it better to do them both on the same day or should we do the night tour one day and then the next day do the day tour? He's not even going on the cruise with me, but is flying
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