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  1. We took the Alla must see tour last June and were thoroughly enjoyed it.It doesn't hit all the stops as other tours but you have 2 full days.One important aspect is you enter the Hermitage and Catherine Palace before the public enters.You get a lunch in a restaurant for both days.Our guide Yulia was was very knowledgeable and made the 2 days very enjoyable.
  2. We were in St. Petersburg for 2 full days on a tour with lots of walking before going to Tallinn the next day. Princess had a shuttle which we gladly took to the old town. We enjoyed strolling around in the walled city, people very nice.
  3. We have an Apex cruise in March 2021 with a refundable deposit but are probably going to cancel soon. With what we`ve seen over the last few months I can`t see getting on a cruise ship unless we have been vaccinated. Please advise what you think..., thanks.
  4. Try the cheeseburgers and the hot dogs from the pool grill, great!
  5. We are on the sky now, everything fine.No change in the itinerary.
  6. We used Alla also, all the documents were in English. Look over the various tours they offer and pick the one that best meets your needs.
  7. ok thanks we are going on one in Feb , I will read the reviews
  8. Bruce, Which ship did Caribbean Seas cruise last year? Thanks
  9. Canook, How`s the wine in Manfredi`s? Is it same as what is served in the dining room?
  10. How`s the coffee and the cappuccino?
  11. we chose from Delta, American and a few others...
  12. We just booked a sky cruise for Feb. We wanted to go a day early, that would be a deviation fee of $100 per person. We paid the $50 per person air upgrade fee which allowed us to some flexibility for the various direct flights available for the morning of the cruise. Well worth extra the money. We are flying from New York to Miami.
  13. We used one in June, it had 3 punches left, no issue at all.
  14. We took the Princess Berlin/concentration camp tour in early July. The train was ok in the morning,not too hot. It was a hot day in Berlin the train ride back was horrible.We had the sun shinning on us through the open window very hot, nothing we could do but get through it.
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