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  1. For the time being, the Sky Lounge is still the main meeting place for the Elite Happy Hour until they replace it with suites at a later refurb. On our cruise in June there were just a few people there at 5:00 so we went down to the Rendezvous Lounge Bar.
  2. If you like the tried and true program and layout of regular ships, then the Equinox. If you're looking for something wild and very different, then perhaps the Edge. For us seniors, we prefer the tried and true. We've been on the new Millennium and Summit which we enjoyed, however 10 days on the Edge which was more than enough for us.
  3. My last one took a couple of weeks - be patient.
  4. Usually each day they have a carving station with beef, pork, chicken/turkey or ham. Unfortunately I've never seen corned beef or pastrami. Hot dogs, burgers and fries are outside by the pool.
  5. The Lobster Shack is only open Fri - Sun, 11:30 - 6:00. Unfortunately we'll be there on Thursday. Any other recommendations would be appreciated.
  6. Google “cruise deck plans” or go to cruisedeckplans.com to see the new cabins recently installed. 3119 is midship near the mid elevators. They are similar to the ones on the starboard side.
  7. Hi Norma - Very glad to hear that Graeme is the CC host. He is amazing and was a lot of fun last year. Thanks for all the pictures and comments. We'll be joining you in Vancouver and it'll be interesting to compare the Millennium with our previous Edge cruise. Looking forward to meeting you and Sharon. Cheers, YvrDave and Louise
  8. Well, we agree with twodaywonder, and we've been on about 70 cruises too. We were on the Edge for 10 days and while there were some nice things, we were disappointed also with all the things mentioned above plus more. However, we are going on the Millennium next month in hopes that things haven't been spoiled on the M class ships.
  9. That's the way it was on the Edge too with the "Cashmere" beds. Guess we'll just have to be more careful on all the revolutionized ships.
  10. Which cabins were affected or area of the ship please?
  11. I've mentioned before that the new Cashmere mattresses are very firm and we needed some sort of "topper" when we were on the Edge. I phones Captain's Club today and asked if they still had a mattress topper. He advised that they no longer carry the "egg crate" type toppers for sanitary reasons. But they do have a "quilt" that they can put on to make it a little bit better. It was a bit better when we had one on the Edge. I hope we can get 2 quilts when we go on the Millie in May.
  12. Agree. That's why we don't go on Princess or other ships - because they don't have a nice lounge for viewing or for happy hours. Fortunately Celebrity has kept the Sky Lounges on the older ships. We sure missed it on the Edge, amongst other things, and won't be back on it or any of Celebrity's new ships. Looking forward to going on the Millennium in May and hope we love it.
  13. We were on the Edge for 10 days, experiencing the new "very firm" Cashmere mattress that they are putting on all ships. After a couple of days we asked for a mattress topper, but they didn't have any, but they could put a "quilt" cover on top of the mattress. It helped a bit, but still extra tough on my wife who is all of 120 lbs. For heavier people, they may be more comfortable on these firm mattresses. Personally, I am looking for an egg crate to take along as we'll be on board for 14 days - but I can do it easily because I live in Vancouver. Celebrity made a lot of changes that we didn't like on the Edge. However we have our fingers crossed that we will still like and enjoy the Millennium.
  14. And we thought the new "Cashmere" bed would make a nice impression, but it was so firm we hardly left a dent!
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