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  1. We are looking at the Triumph Aft Extended Balcony cabins and I am hoping for some insight on which deck (6, 7 or 8) would be best to book. I am mainly interested in the balcony itself and if there is an overhang on some decks and not others. Plus, between these three decks, do these balconies appear to be the same basic size, or does one deck seem larger? Hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance!
  2. Carnival does hire Americans. My daughter worked two contracts with Carnival on the Carnival Valor and Carnival Miracle as a Camp Carnival Counselor. On the Valor there was another American working with her. So, yes they do. But, the Americans were definitely the minority on both ships.
  3. Congratulations! Thank you for posting your wedding experience, I have always been curious how they work on the cruise ships ... especially those ships that don't have a Chapel. Looking forward to seeing some of your photos.
  4. I wore fingerless gloves when we went to Alaska and they worked just fine. No special brand, just inexpensive woven fingerless gloves. I like John's idea of cutting the fingertips off a pair of fleece gloves ... that would work well, too!
  5. I have never had a problem bringing my camera equipment on a cruise. I usually bring a dSLR, multiple lenses, flashes and a tripod. My husband does the same, in fact he often brings a light stand, too. We spend a large part of the cruise with our cameras all over the ship. No one has ever said anything to us … other than a few people and ship's photographers interested in what we were doing. The only place we weren't allowed to bring them was on the Behind the Fun Tour … but, there were no electronics whatsoever allowed.
  6. We love these four day cruises and have sailed them many times, mostly on Carnival Inspiration. We are changing ships to the Carnival Imagination for our next cruise to get a different decor. Both ships are the same in terms of how they are set up ... the decor is just different. And, like xbatt8 said above ... the show offerings will be different. Other than that, there really isn't much difference. Hope you have a great cruise!
  7. This is true. We rented a car in Skagway and drove the Klondike Trail, passing into Canada. On return we had to show our passports to get back across the Canada border. I think we had to show it going into Canada, as well.
  8. I completely agree. I like the new direction and 'branding' that Carnival is doing with her ships. While I love sailing different ships and seeing the 'new' designs and decor … I really love that I can count on the familiarity that Carnival has within her ships. It's comforting and makes our cruising vacation not only exciting, but a 'home away from home.'
  9. Thanks for the great tip, OP! Just bought 12 bottles for our September cruise!
  10. Most likely the Carnival Pride. She's doing a 14-day repositioning cruise.
  11. Yes, there is an Elegant Night on the 4-Day cruises to Catalina and Ensenada. It has been on the second night (Catalina day) for us. I will say, though, the Elegant Night on this shorter cruise is a lot more casual than I have experienced on the longer cruises.
  12. We stayed in E61 on the Inspiration and loved the location.
  13. I love the Empress Deck on the Inspiration (as well as the other Fantasy Class ships). I have stayed in a Porthole, an Inside and an Ocean View all either Forward or Mid-ship on this deck. We have also never heard more noise from this location either. I really like how close we have been to the Atrium Lobby and all her grandness! Such fun and a great way to start a trek around the ship each day. The convenience factor alone is why we have chosen the Empress Deck again for our next cruise on the Inspiration (next week, woo hoo!). Have a great cruise!
  14. While I love the Fantasy Class ships (Fascination is one), the OV rooms do not compare in size to other Carnival ships. They are more comparable to the size of an Inside … only with a window. They do not have the couch (as other OV's have) nor the space that adds to the room. The Deluxe Ocean Views on the Dream are built really for a family such as yours. They offer sleeping for up to five, with a couch (and the space that adds) as well as two washrooms (with a shower in one and shower/tub in the other). Whichever you choose … hope you enjoy your family cruise! :)
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