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  1. Hi all! My husband and I are looking to fly from Florida to do a short Mexican Riveria cruise out of Long Beach. We are eyeing the Firenze (Sunday thru Thursday) or Victory (Monday thru Friday) cruise. The Firenze spends two days in Ensenada and the Radiance is one day at Catalina Island and one day at Ensenada. We have not been to either. Would you choose one over the other? Both are in similar price ranges so that is not a deciding factor. Any reviews on Catalina Island or Ensenada? We are open to bar hopping, eating, beaching, sight-seeing- really anything! Help us out.
  2. It's been a long time since I have cruised with Royal but I'm looking at a few cruises for March 2024. I'm noticing that all the fares that are coming up are non-refundable deposits. Is there a way to get a refundable deposit (and likely pay a higher price)? Non-refundable deposits are not an option for us at this point because of work schedule. Thank you!
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