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  1. thank you everyone for your replies. I appreciate the factoring in of traffic and logistics. And Leigh, thank you for the important and fundamental question you raised - where will our tour be starting out? We have homework to do!
  2. Does anyone know how far Melbourne city center is from where we dock? We are looking at a tour that goes from 1:30 to 4:30 in town. Our ship leaves at 6:00 p.m., but I hate to cut it close and want to make sure that we would have plenty of time to make it back to the ship. Thanks Catherine
  3. This is a great suggestion, not only for possible Napier recommendations but also for Auckland. We will be there for two days at the end of our cruise. Thanks so much Catherine
  4. Thanks David for the follow up reply. Appreciate it. Catherine
  5. Thank you both for your responses. We plan to do a private tour (Oceania tours are notoriously expensive). Glad to hear that the region is among the best. Although we love wine, we are most familiar with California wines, so we are eager to learn about this region. Two local wine tours popped up in my research, but I glad to hear from David that we could just take taxis from one to another and not have to rely on an organized tour guide
  6. We are investigating doing a wine tour in Napier when we are there in February 2020. Has anyone done one in that port? And if not there, perhaps you have one to recommend in a different port in NZ. Catherine
  7. We used Venice Taxi Airport www.venicetaxiairport.com from cruise ship to hotel and then again from hotel to airport. Professional service and prompt.
  8. +1 on Antico Martini. We ate there a few nights ago. Service was excellent and both the outside area under a canopy with air conditioning inside was quite romantic. Very leisurely paced dinner. Catherine
  9. We actually left after the Coliseum. We had just arrived from the states and were fading after the two hour tour. Wish I could tell you.
  10. We just attended a Vivaldi concert in Venice out of the Church San Vidal. The concert seems to perform several nights a week in the church with different selections. We attended the Four Seasons concert that also included a Handel piece. Tickets cost 30 euros a person and the performance starts at 9:00 and ended around 10:30. Doors open at 8:15. There was a line forming when we showed up at 8:20. There are several restaurants in the same piazza so it was lovely to dine outside nearby and then walk over to the church. The only drawback was that the church was exceptionally hot. It was impromptu for us but we were all very happy we did it. Catherine
  11. We did the Gladiator's gate and were very pleased with this tour. It was far more extensive than I thought it would be. We started on the ground floor, but then we were led to the main area on the third level I think. Very knowledgeable guide and very well organized tour. We are glad we did it. very glad we did it.
  12. We were just in Rome and stayed at the Hotel Savoy. Only a few blocks from the hotel just around the corner from the Westin was a wonderful small restaurant we ate at called Il Felini. Great food and service and not terribly expensive. The tuna was excellent as was the beef carpaccio and we all enjoyed the cacia e pepe (spaghetti dish). They were serving a lovely white wine from a small distributor. Also right next door to the hotel is a very trendy sushi bar called Jaguar bar. We enjoyed the sushi there.
  13. Excellent point. We are on Rome to Venice. Open waters at night, in ports nearly every day. I think in this case it has more to do with the combination of the system on the ship and unlimited internet per stateroom. But the rest of the cruise? absolutely fantastic.
  14. I am an Oceania cheerleader but I must report that we are on the Riviera right now and the Internet is the worst we have ever experienced. No matter the time of day or whether people are on board or sleeping, it has been extremely difficult to be on or stay on. You ask how am I sending this? Because we are in port and I am using cellular data roaming ๐Ÿ˜€ No I wonโ€™t stop booking Oceania but I sure wish the line could get it together. Please. Catherine PS. I will try hanging out at the back of the Terrace cafe.
  15. We share the mild criticism. For me, it is more about placement than about comfort. I much prefer sitting at a table in front of the window, which is what we have had on the R ships, than at the foot of an unmade bed (or quickly made bed by me) at 7:00 in the morning. Only a few feet difference, I know, but the ambiance feels different. Having said that, SO grateful to be able to have a beautiful breakfast served to us as we lounge in our bathrobes, wherever the table is. Catherine
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