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  1. How interesting. We have been in PH on both O and R ships. It was one of the first things I commented on when we saw our refurbished room on the Regatta this month. That and the shower door! No wait...and the plugs. Judging from Roothy's post, I guess some people liked it very much and will miss it. It was quite deep. I guess that means I just placed too many things on top of the table so it was annoying for me to remove them to get to the pop up drawer. Catherine
  2. I was on the same cruise as Frances and also loved our cruise. But gotta say the online cruise evaluation was a little difficult to complete. First you need WiFi (you can guess where that was going) and second you need your confirmation number to complete the survey. That took me a little time to find. In the end, still very glad I completed it. Lots of raves and a couple of suggestions. Catherine
  3. That is what we had – upper floor harbor view – and we loved it. We would have taken taxi or uber to the port (they are plentiful) because I am not the lightest packer and I would not have wanted to walk the streets with the luggage! But as it turned out having the view of the port was a lifesaver for us as well! I had assumed we were leaving from that port, and we woke with anticipation the morning we were to board to view our ship docked at the Quay only to see another cruise line’s ship in its place. Doesn’t everyone dock at the Quay? Apparently not. Our port was 15 minutes away. Thankfully we had a view early in the morning that corrected my false assumption. Catherine
  4. There is a hair dryer, and it is a pretty good one. But I am happy to report - at least in our cabins - the lift-up desk drawer has been removed. I say happy because I continually had to move items on the desk to get to it. In our cabin the hair dryer was in a drawer in the small closet below the safe. The built in table now has a regular thin desk drawer.
  5. A plug for Shangri La which is only a couple of blocks further up the hill and facing the water. It has outstanding views from the rooms facing the Harbor.
  6. We just returned from NZ and had one of the best tours in Hawkes Bay with The Winemaker's Tour. It is a private tour that costs a little more than others, but it is well worth it. Husband and wife who own a vineyard and family farm, extremely knowledgeable and personable. It was a full day - We visited four wineries, ate lunch at a beautiful winery (cost separate), and were treated to tea and dessert in their home. We could not have asked for a better experience! They fill up quickly so doing research now is a plus. Catherine
  7. We just got off our cruise in Auckland. I agree that you should pack for a variety of weather. Weather was much cooler than we anticipated, but as posted previously, quite variable. On the cruise 14 days and only one day could have been bathing suit weather. But two days prior to boarding in Sydney, it was 100 degrees. Thankfully that was the one time when my overpacking instincts helped me out! Catherine
  8. nah, not even close. There are still four drawers below the safe. So actually the safe is around waist level. Now talk to me about a hotel I went to recently... That safe was on the floor of the closet! My only point in posting was to follow up on the earlier post which had a great observation about the poor placement of the safe in the closet. By the time we boarded a few months later, that had been changed. Catherine
  9. Oh darn. And I took a pic specially. lThe shelf is in the same location as earlier poster’s pic, but just moving the safe to below the shelf made more accessible room for shirts and men’s pants folded over. This closet is in addition to the full closet next to it.
  10. We like the changes very much in the rooms on Regatta. Just got off in Auckland this week. The new furniture and color scheme are lovely. No more annoying need to clear table top to get into desk drawer. Love the number of plugs and USB ports. We also wondered whether there was better soundproofing because we did not hear next door’s bathrooms. And poster’s wish is their command! They have repositioned the safe in the small closet to allow more hanging. Hopefully you can see the picture I took.
  11. Chiliburn, Can you share the walking tour that you took? We will be in Auckland in February and might like to do that. And thanks to all for suggesting Davenport.
  12. thank you everyone for your replies. I appreciate the factoring in of traffic and logistics. And Leigh, thank you for the important and fundamental question you raised - where will our tour be starting out? We have homework to do!
  13. Does anyone know how far Melbourne city center is from where we dock? We are looking at a tour that goes from 1:30 to 4:30 in town. Our ship leaves at 6:00 p.m., but I hate to cut it close and want to make sure that we would have plenty of time to make it back to the ship. Thanks Catherine
  14. This is a great suggestion, not only for possible Napier recommendations but also for Auckland. We will be there for two days at the end of our cruise. Thanks so much Catherine
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