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  1. Maybe clear to you. But not to everyone. Especially when the cruise lines are saying they will resume cruises in June. Or when you call the actual cruise line right before you make final payment and they tell you that your Cruise is still scheduled and will happen.
  2. Do you know that happened? Because I have been reading they are cancelling cruises weekly. Not all at once
  3. To my understanding they have not cancelled all of their cruises they are cancelling them one by one. Right after final payment dates. So yeah. That is shady business.
  4. Absolutely HAL waited to cancel our cruise until the day after final payment was due. You think it was a coincidence? Yeah right. Our cruise is three months away. They knew what was going on. Late payers........ that’s just a few people. They knew what they were doing. 3000 people on that cruise and now they get to hold their money for 3 to 6 months. Very shady. No way to stick up for them. Nice try.
  5. Honestly Royal Caribbean has been my favorite. We also sail carnival, NCL, celebrity and princess.
  6. They told me their cruising was resuming on June 15th and our cruise was a go. But that’s besides the point. Our cruise is 3 months away and they just so happen to cancel it the day after final payment was due?... they knew exactly what they were doing.
  7. I called my credit card company. They said it was any easy dispute so I went ahead and filed it. I have never done that before and I don’t like to but what they did was shady and bad customer service.
  8. Actually I have. But I never stole or did anything dirty. I have honor and integrity. That is how I run my many companies. I take responsibility for my myself, my companies and my actions.
  9. yes. I’m sure I can. But that is not how I like to do things. But I might do it. I am going to think about it.
  10. So HAL waited until the day after final payment was due on our cruise for August and then cancelled it. Then proceeds to tell you it will take 90 days to get your refund. That is dirty, wrong and bad business. We called them the day before and they assured us our cruise was a go so we allowed the final payment. Then the next day I get an email saying our cruise is cancelled. They took $20k from me and will keep it for 90 days along with everyone else on that ship. I know exactly what they are doing and it is wrong. My cruise was cancelled on two other lines and they didn’t pull this kind of
  11. I am fine. I am self insured. I can assure you there are no worries in that department.
  12. where was the wedding to be and did you cancel it or the venue?
  13. Yes. I am very well off and that would not be an issue.
  14. Yes. Different ports are fine. I would not want to see less ports. We like to get off the ship as much as possible and on this 14 day cruise there is only 2 or 3 sea days.
  15. We are scheduled for a two week cruise out of Amsterdam on the Nieuw Statendam. Departure date is August 2nd. Thoughts on if this will happen or not? We are going to go if the ship sails. Will all the ports be open? If the ship doesn’t sail we will take out flight and do a road trip. Will that be possible?
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