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  1. I saw that you are also from Oregon! Those cruise options sound amazing!!! We are planning on taking my in-laws on the cruise, I’m happy that we also booked the alcohol package for my husband and me 😂 Haha!
  2. I just booked the Sun for Alaska in 2021 too! I’m glad to hear others enjoyed it and would book her again. I swear I changed my mind at least a dozen times trying to decide which cruise and cruise line to book.
  3. Sapphire is my daughter’s birthstone too! You will love the room ❤️ I just booked three balcony staterooms on the Sun, it’s gonna be hard leaving the suite life behind. We are taking my in-laws and our kids to Alaska (7 people), so a little separation will be nice! I was concerned about how dark/light the master “bedroom” area would be or if it would be stuffy with the drapes closed, but I found it to be very comfortable and not too bright in the morning. We live on the west coast and morning came so early every morning of our 14 day cruise...we were never able to catch up! S
  4. Sorry, I didn’t answer about perks....the perk that we enjoyed the most was having a full breakfast delivered several mornings. There will be a menu in your room that you fill out the night before and then leave it outside your door. It has basic breakfast options, but don’t think you are limited to those options, just write in items that you want included. I can’t remember exactly what we wrote in, just regular breakfast items that were not on the list. We also had lunch delivered a couple of times. No service charge for room service! You also get the perk of having breakfast and lunch
  5. My husband and I sailed on the Jade last spring, TA New York to Rome in a two bedroom family suite. We got a great rate so we splurged for the extra space and suite perks. DH ended up “sleeping” in the second bedroom on the pull out couch half the time (he takes meds that keep him awake so he often leaves our room and ends up on the couch or in the spare room). According to him that pull out bed was less than comfortable, so make sure to have a topper added to the bed. FYI the room is extremely small as is the second bathroom, the cruiser with the 6 foot son, I think your son will have a t
  6. Thank you all for the information! I’m really feeling like we should book the Sun ☀️ I agree that with my in-laws the smaller ship will be easier to navigate for all of us. Hopefully our 20 somethings won’t be too bored 😁 It’s funny but my parents have done a similar itinerary and they said an ocean view room would work well as people gather in other areas to view the scenery. I’m feeling booking balcony staterooms is the way to go! THANK YOU ALL!
  7. One more vote for the Sun! Thank you for your thoughts on the balcony. Do you think Port or Starboard matters much?
  8. Thank you for your response! I think I’m leaning towards the Sun as well.
  9. Looking at 7 day round trip out of Seattle due to convince. First time visiting Alaska, family cruise, ages 23-77, in-laws are not the most mobile (difficulty walking long distances). Is a balcony stateroom a must have for Alaska or would an ocean view be sufficient? We have never cruised on a larger ship, just the smaller ones (Pride of America, The Dawn and The Jade). The mega ships seems awesome for families with younger children, but our children are in their 20’s. It would be nice to cruise a newer ship, but would we get more out of the smaller ship going into Alaska where the pool a
  10. Thank you for taking the time to write your review! I’ll be in a 2 bedroom family suite at the end of the month! I wondered about the walls, I bought some magnetic hooks, but then I saw pictures with the wood panels....I’ll leave the hooks at home. Again, thank you for your review!
  11. We received ours about 50 days out for our upcoming cruise.
  12. I did a search for 2 bedroom family suites and found this info, hopefully some of you are still checking the boards. Thank you to all who posted photos or links to floor plans! I’m wondering if there are any magnetic walls in these suites? I bought magnetic hooks to use to create a clothesline to dry things that we hand wash in the sink. It looks like the suite only has wood panel walls...not sure if I should bring my hooks? Can anyone share if there is a clothesline in the shower or a place to create a clothesline? We are on a two week cruise, I know there will be laundry service offere
  13. Cruising the Hawaiian islands on the POA was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken! This itinerary really gives you a decent amount of time to check out the islands. We rented a car in every port, I take that back, in Kona we had a boat tour that took off from the pier and then we were able to just stroll along “Kona Town.” I can only recommend not going...if you go you will fall in love with Hawaii and the Aloha spirit! We have been back to a Hawaiian Island every year since that cruise! I suggest you (it looks like you’d be coming from the east coast) arrive to Oahu a few days early if
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