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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write your review! I’ll be in a 2 bedroom family suite at the end of the month! I wondered about the walls, I bought some magnetic hooks, but then I saw pictures with the wood panels....I’ll leave the hooks at home. Again, thank you for your review!
  2. We received ours about 50 days out for our upcoming cruise.
  3. I did a search for 2 bedroom family suites and found this info, hopefully some of you are still checking the boards. Thank you to all who posted photos or links to floor plans! I’m wondering if there are any magnetic walls in these suites? I bought magnetic hooks to use to create a clothesline to dry things that we hand wash in the sink. It looks like the suite only has wood panel walls...not sure if I should bring my hooks? Can anyone share if there is a clothesline in the shower or a place to create a clothesline? We are on a two week cruise, I know there will be laundry service offered for a fee but we plan to wash our workout clothes after use. Thanks for any info!
  4. Cruising the Hawaiian islands on the POA was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken! This itinerary really gives you a decent amount of time to check out the islands. We rented a car in every port, I take that back, in Kona we had a boat tour that took off from the pier and then we were able to just stroll along “Kona Town.” I can only recommend not going...if you go you will fall in love with Hawaii and the Aloha spirit! We have been back to a Hawaiian Island every year since that cruise! I suggest you (it looks like you’d be coming from the east coast) arrive to Oahu a few days early if you can so that you can adjust to the time change. Have fun planning!
  5. @erdoran I tried to get the email address for the beverage manager through the group Coordinator (I think you gave me the group Coordinator’s email) but no luck...they just dismissed me 😏 I wanted to make sure that there weren’t any activities going on in any of the venues and I wanted to give the bar staff a heads up...Oh well, I’ll contact them once on the ship unless anyone has contact info to share! 😁
  6. Thank you all for the advice! We have decided on a 3pm start time, so it sounds like we can keep that in place. We are on a transatlantic cruise, so lots of sea days, planning the pub crawl on our 4th sea day. That will give me lots of time to check out the venues and speak with the bar staff, I’m sure the bar staff will recognize some of us by then! 😂 We then have our 5th sea day to recover from the pub crawl before we hit land!
  7. Hello! I’m organizing a pub/poker crawl on the Jade in May. Can anyone tell me what time the bar venues open? Looking for five venues in order to complete our poker hands. Any successful tips for poker/pub crawls? We had over 70 participants signed up at last count! This is going to be a fun and crazy crawl, your tips are appreciated! Thank you in advance!!!
  8. Thank you for all the info! Looks like NCL only has the Bliss and Joy in Alaska next year. I may have to look at another cruise line to find a smaller ship, I agree that for my in laws a smaller ship would be better for them to get around. We won’t have kids to entertain so we don’t need all of the bells and whistles that come with the megs ships. Even though being kids at heart my husband and I would totally have fun taking advantage! Dang...maybe we will do one of the mega ships! 😂
  9. I’m considering an Alaskan cruise, curious what location experienced cruisers recommend...port, starboard, aft? I would most likely book a balcony. Also, what’s your favorite ship for Alaska (NCL or other line)? We’ve never booked one of the larger ships. We’ve sailed the Pride of America, the Dawn and next month we will be on the Jade. I’d kinda like to be prepared if we decide to purchase while on our cruise. Planning on bringing my husband’s parents along, they are in their mid 70’s. Thanks in advance!
  10. Can any of you who have stayed at the Hilton Airport tell me how early the shuttle runs into the city? We are looking at booking a tour on Monday 5/13 that has a 7:30 start time from The Vatican Museum enterance. Just wondering if this is doable? The Hilton sounds great as we have a 7am flight on 5/14. Thanks for help/opinions/options!
  11. @Meekofigaro Hi, I’m on the cruise with Erdoran and volunteered to organize a pub crawl. Through researching here on CC we decided to add a “poker crawl” to the pub crawl as well. How do you go about contacting the beverage manager? It sounds like you did this during your cruise not prior to the cruise. Erdoran has done a great job and set up a spreadsheet for our roll call, I think we already have close to 40 people who’ve already signed up for the pub crawl, so giving the beverage manager a heads up would probably be best! I’ll have to provide a sign up sheet for the M&G, that’s good advice as well. I’ve never been on a pub crawl so this is all new to me. From your photos it looks like at least at one location the bar had a drink already to go! We plan on doing five bars to give us our poker hands, hopefully we can just get tasters! Obviously it isn’t necessary to get a drink at each location. I also assume that NCL will not be providing any free drinks, is that something that has been a surprise to anyone in attendance or did you explain that up front? Sorry to hijack this thread (it’s slightly M&G related though 😊), thank you all in advance for any help you can provide! Cheers to happy cruising! Thanks! Mindy
  12. Thank you all so much! I’ve never heard of a “poker run” option, sounds fun! The music trivia is also a fun idea, I will present ideas to my roll call and see what people are interested in! 😁 Happy cruising everyone!
  13. Cheers! After doing a search for “how to plan a pub crawl” I came up short! I’ve actually never participated in one, and Im trying to gather information for a TA cruise this spring. With 7 sea days our roll call is looking for a few fun activities to fill our days. I’d appreciate input from anyone who has planned a pub crawl or participated in one! We will be sailing on NCL’s Jade. Thanks!
  14. As a first timer in a suite, just a plain ol’ suite not the Haven, I’m thankful for all of the replies regarding tipping! So what I’ve learned is that somewhere between $0-$500 and up is the “norm”! Some butlers are food runners and some play video games with your kids...wow! Hopefully we will have an experience that falls in the middle. My husband and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary a few months early to accommodate DH’s work schedule and the itinerary was too good to pass up. It would be nice to have a special surprise one night, but we won’t expect any recognition. That truly is special that the butler recognized that couples special day! And it sounds like it was appreciated. We booked the two bedroom suite for the additional space as we will have 7 sea days and the cost seemed reasonable for the additional space. Our booking had nothing to do with having a butler, I really don’t know what we’d ask of our butler. Maybe a dinner and/or a breakfast delivered to the room (not served course by course that seems a bit much for us) would be nice! Too bad that drinks from our ubp can’t be delivered to the room 😕 I’m really grateful for threads like this as at the time of my booking I didn’t know that the butler and concierge were not included in the DSC! So, thank you! We will tip appropriately based on service received, not $0 and not $500 but somewhere in between!
  15. What is the dress code for these locations? Tasteful workout wear ok? Yoga pants with a dry fit jacket for me, shorts and long sleeve dry fit for hubby siuteable for breakfast? Pre-workout of course! Thanks!
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