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  1. What if we only want to walk around and do nothing on this island? Not interested in any of the rides nor swimming just walk We are 70 years old. Love to see the island but doesn't make sense to pay to do only that. Can we just walk on the beach for free?
  2. I know the employees get to use the bikes store near their cabins. We took a tour of the ship where the employees work , eat and sleep and captain offices . Food is prepared and all the laundry done. Costs up $100. each. It is once in a life time to see. But I am not so sure I would ride around in most of the islands alone. It isn't too safe. But would love to do it Otherwise .
  3. WE GOT A phone call from RC also for the exact week. We booked it while there Feb 1st of this year. It is because of the Super Bowl and the particular company wanted to whole ship to charter. It really didn't surprise us. Because they said the first 8 floors were booked by a company. I suppose that company decided to just book it all. Money talks and BS walks as they say. I got the same lousy deal as you $100 each. on board credit for the next cruise. We are going the week before. My biggest problem was I booked a room the night before ($500) and didn't guarantee it. I never do that why I did this time I don't know. We try to go through Hotel.com to see if they would just let us stay the week before. Hotel.com said they called the hotel and was refused. I don't believe Hotel.com at all. The room was cut down to $200. but they wouldn't give back my money. A lesson learned here. We booked another room from priceline.com that is much nicer. It is fun to be on the ships watching the Super Bowl. They have all kinds of food to eat there. We have been on two RC cruises during the game but being a new ship I suppose the rich companies get first priority. I hadn't gotten our airplane tickets yet so that was something I didn't have to worry about. I don't even know if we could of gotten any flights or not anyway. the super bowl is in Miami next year so that is why the hotel prices are sky high. Traffic will be crazy too. I feel sorry for those that are still working and need to find another date. And going with a group could be a nightmare too. Good luck.
  4. wHERE did you stay while there? What hotels?
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