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  1. Thank You!! I didn't realize my answer was in the table you had already posted!! This thread has been SO helpful!!
  2. We are doing MSC Preziosa August 4, 2019....We will port in Hellesylt/Geiranger. My question is will we dock in Hellesylt & have to tender to Geiranger or will we just stop long enough to let excursions off & cruise on to Geiranger? Our itinerary says 7AM-5PM. Is a 9AM excursion out of Geiranger going to be too early? TIA!!
  3. I have tried multiple times to access the online check in for our cruise and have not been successful yet!! Is everyone else having this issue? We still have 2 months before we leave. Am I trying too early? The CS agent said it should be available.
  4. Please forgive me but this will be our first adventure to Europe so we are total novices! Is it necessary to exchange currency into NOK while traveling in Norway or do they accept Euro as well? Are there any legitimate online Currency Exchanges? Thanks so much!
  5. Hello all!! Please forgive me if this subject has been discussed but I was unable to find anything! My question is: We are planning to take the train from Hamburg to Amsterdam after our August 2019 cruise. 1. Which online sites have you used for purchasing ticket in advance? 2. Have you had any problems with the tickets purchased online when you get to the train station? Also, is an 18 minute transfer time in Osnabrück, Germany enough? Thanks in Advance!!
  6. Thanks for the response! We always dress for dinner, just didn't want to carry a suit/sport coat if it's not needed.
  7. I have looked for something current on this subject but cannot find anything. Is the dress code for formal night enforced? We have read that men are required to, at least, wear a sport coat. We are doing a 14 day cruise from Hamburg in August & would like to eliminate as much packing as we can. This is our 1st MSC cruise. Thanks for any input!!
  8. It must not be available on our either because there is no option for a water package to be ordered online. 😞
  9. How do you order this? I have looked all over the website & have been unable to find any way of ordering online. Do you have to call to order? TIA!
  10. I am so glad to read something positive!! We will be doing our 1st MSC cruise on Preziosa in August & it's getting a little discouraging to read all the negativity!! We are long time Carnival Cruisers & wanted to try MSC due to the itinerary & Loyalty match. Hopefully, we will have a positive experience, as well!! We are going with an open mind!! Can't wait for this new experience!!
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