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  1. The Indian veg dinner in the MDR is superb. There will usually be some heat and the flavours are very authentic. During breakfast/brunch (don't remember which) there is a masala dosa, which is a very popular food in India. Their version is ok but the potato component has zero heat...it doesn't have to burn, but it's almost bland. You can take my words with a grain of salt if you wish. I'm Indian and fat, so what do I know?
  2. NO WAY would I attempt this. Let's assume there's no fog (or other issue along the river) and you make it back dockside on time. What if USCBP delays clearing the ship? What if immigration/customs is questioning and checking everything? Ok, you make it past those hurdles...now you have to get to MSY. How's traffic? Saints playing at home that day? Cuz that would delay in getting out of there. Is there a wreck along the way? At the airport, how's security? There are a number of things that are out of your control. I won't tell you what to do, but I wouldn't do it for these reasons. But what do I know?
  3. Refreshing to read this...we were recently on the Sunshine and I noticed the food we had on her was great too. Standouts for us were the Lido buffet for breakfast and the Blue Iguana burrito area, where I had some of the best tacos I've ever had. Oh, I mentioned the breakfast buffet, not because of how good it was, though it was good, but because it was better than the buffet has ever been on our previous cruises. There was an improvement there, at least from what I noticed on that particular sailing.
  4. We used Cortrans a few weeks ago to go to the port and back to MCO. We would use them again.
  5. Obviously they were rude. The OP didn't get the answer they wanted, so every person who thought differently from them was being rude.
  6. Or those other groups all gathered at the GS desk right afterward, complaining they weren't mentioned. If I were the CD, I would flat out refuse...but that's just me.
  7. Is flying back on the 31st an option? Eat some beignets and etoufee', drink a few hurricanes & simply laissez les bon temps roullez without worrying about whether you have time to make your flight.
  8. I would take into consideration: * the ship's arrival back to port, on time or late? * how long will customs take once off the ship? * security at FLL, how is it on a Sunday morning? These are things out of your control. You may make it just fine, but myself, I wouldn't book a flight quite that early. I don't think I'd necessarily wait for one after 1:00 either, maybe just not as early as you mentioned. But that's just me...and what do I know?
  9. Just off the Sunshine a couple of weeks ago, and for the two elegant nights in the MDR, it was about 90% who were dressed nicely...by which I mean men in a collared shirt w/ khakis and ladies in a skirt (or slacks) and blouse.
  10. Just off the Sunshine, with two common ports (GT instead of AC), and Aruba & Curacao are less common ports of call than your other choice, so I'd vote for her. Plus, she's getting a dry dock at anytime, no?
  11. THIS. We used them a few weeks back. HIGHLY recommended.
  12. Everyone will have their own opinion on the matter, and some may differ than mine, and that's fine, but to me, KW/Coz is by far the superior of the two options.
  13. That's it for the MDR dinner menues. I have some random (and maybe not-so-random) thoughts. Our last cruise was the first that wasn't great. It was still good, just not great. This one was great again. I did make it a point to single out a few people to JH & Carnival who did more than others to make it so. The crew and staff was great. Every single person we came across, without exception, said hi or in some other way greeted us as we walked by. Morale didn't seem to be an issue. There seemed to be crew members cleaning something, somewhere, pretty much all the time. Sure, the Sunshine may have been showing her age in places, but cleanliness was never an issue...anywhere. We were in a porthole cabin. I don't know about others, but our cabin did not have a fridge. I would have preferred one, but it wasn't going to ruin the cruise. We asked our room steward, Nino, for ice to keep water bottles cold and he insured we had some daily. I think I mentioned food before, but I'll say it again. The food was good. Had pizza (for breakfast) once, an it was as good as it's ever been. Ate at the deli a couple of times. I like their Reubens, and it was still good. I also like to have a bit of potato salad with the sandwich. I noticed this time it seemed different. I don't know if it was a different recipe or maybe my tastesbuds had changed, but I just didn't like it as much. Tacos from the taco bar were the best things I ate on the ship. Meals in the MDR were good as well, and service was about 90 minutes the first night only. Other nights it was less. Had breakfasts and lunches from the Lido buffet, and both were better than I remember from last time. Entertainment was fine. I wish the main shows featured live musicians. The shows themselves were good. The band that played in the Ocean Plaza was called Caught In the Act (CIA). Good female lead singer, great male lead singer, excellent musicians. Mikey, the CD, was good. I'd be happy to have him on our next cruise...Jaxx from the Fun Squad as well. On this cruise, we did the comedy club for the first time. We went to three shows...two all-ages and one adult. We enjoyed this. Interesting though, that the adult shows always had a line, while you could pretty much walk right in to the all-ages shows. There was seat saving happening pretty much everywhere...Main showroom, comedy club, Lido (c-hogs). Not cruise related, we spent the day before in Orlando. Hawkers is a restaurant featuring Asian street foods. I had eaten at the location in Jax in the spring and knew we had to go to the Orlando location. So good. So, so good. We went back the day we flew back for a late lunch. If you go, I strongly recommend the Roti Canai and Dan Dan Mian.
  14. MDR menu for the 4th sea day, last night's dinner...debarking the next day. We chose to not stay for dessert or even "showtime" when the servers sing "Leaving Our Fun Ship". This was NOT because we're opposed to the singing and dancing (as some claim to be), but we just didn't want dessert on this evening and DID want to go and get decent seats for the Lip Sync Challenge finals.
  15. For me it's usually a couple of days, maybe three. Just off an 8-day myself, and it was about that.
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