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  1. No, you can't. Its not OBC until you are on the ship and the gratuities for the perks are included in your cruise fare. Have fun getting spa passes, treatments and extra charge entrees in the specialty restaurants!
  2. Call now, that way it will be taken care of.
  3. If you are an American citizen and using your scenario of returning to same port, then NO you don't need a passport for NCL and Carnival. There are some cruise lines which do require a passport, but that would be in their terms and conditions.
  4. Lower decks (4, 5) in the middle will be more stable, but you will be farther away from all the upper deck restaurants and activities. You will be very busy with all those ports of call, have you booked your St Petersburg excursions? Look into the PORTS OF CALL boards for EUROPE for ideas on each port. Warndemunde is easy to do on your own as is Talinn. I would not book any NCL excursion as they can be very expnsive, you'r ebetter off booking your own. JOIN YOUR ROLL CALL you will beet others on your sailing and some people are always looking to fill a van on a private tour and you can really save money that way.
  5. Look at ports of call first. And then look at how long you are in the ports. Always choose a cruise that will go to Tracey Arm that is spectacular. Glacier Bay is also good. We took an Alaska cruise on the Norwegian Jewel in June, it was wonderful. We started in Seward and did the inside passage to Vancouver. It also sailed the other way -- to make it something to remember do a back to back and make it a round trip cruise! Figure all costs. I wouldn't worry about bottled water, the ship's water is fine to drink and EVERY bar will have ice water for free if you ask. You really need to do homework on what you want to do while you are in port. I wouldn't worry about bad reviews, you won't have anything to compare it too. Also look at the Norwegian Joy, new ship and gets good ratings.
  6. OP depending on what kind of travel insurance you might have, a missed or substitute port may be reimbursed. Read the fine print of the policy.
  7. 3 pairs of Ex Officio quick dry underwear, which is all I take on any vacation. One pair on, one pair drying and one in reserve. I wash while in the shower, just using shampoo. Same with brassieres (which I always hand launder at home anyways). For pants and stuff if you can pack quick dry and thin material they will also be very easy to wash by hand. Don't stress the packing, using travel websites such as; TravelSmith and Orvis carry quick dry items.
  8. Fill the bag is usually offered twice on longer sailings. Just don't send out your delicates, I did send my compression socks last cruise as I didnt' really feel like washing them in the sink and they came back VERY small. Not a big loss so I wasn't too upset about it. Everything else (jeans, long sleeved t-shirts and blouses) all were done well.
  9. Cesar Salad is on the everyday menu
  10. Coffee makers in Balcony and above. No coffee package Food not on menu might be a challenge
  11. No bottled water and fancy coffees, but you can order sodas and non-alcoholic drinks with the beverage package as well as any drink under $15.
  12. Just call NCL and request an AMENITIES CONFIRMATION to be emailed to you, that way you will see all OBC that will be applied to your account.
  13. Welcome to Cruise Critic! For specific Viking Ocean questions you should post on the appropriate forum here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/689-viking-ocean/
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