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  1. Jack! I hope you and Sailor Jill are having a great time on your cruise. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, its Canada....... hehehe
  2. Norwegian used to do them this way as well. Not sure about teams or games but it was a scheduled cruise activity.
  3. Posty notes are good. Going over the Freestyle Daily the evening before so people have a general idea of where they will be. All rooms have telephones and the ship has courtesy phones all over the place so you can call the rooms and leave messages. Its really not that difficult, you'll run in to each other a lot and usually by day 2 people have found their "hang out" spot and you can meet up there.
  4. Didn't see any pressed pomegrante juice in Lisbon.... but then again I wasn't looking for it.
  5. Pack a light jacket and a pair of pants. Then you can build from there. Coordinate your outfits you can wear stuff more than once, and tops that coordinate with all the bottoms will be great. I would pack one pair of gym shoes and some sandals, it all depends on what you are planning to do in the ports. Be sure to pack something dressy as Carnival has dress up night. Shirts with a collar and pants for men; and nice tops/skirts/dresses/capris for ladies.
  6. You can wear shorts and a t-shirt if you wish. No sweaters, jackets etc. Capri pants are fine as well. Only 2 restaurants will require gentlemen to wear trousers (no shorts) that would be Le Bistro and the aft main dining room.
  7. If you pay for the air deviation it is usually possible.
  8. There is no dinner..... its just the show
  9. This is why you should just use an ATM at a bank and withdraw Euro from there. The exchange rate will be better too.
  10. Butler, concierge and Kids Club staff are not part of the daily service charge pool. You need to tip on an individual basis depending on how much you use these staff.
  11. Why is your topic heading Meet & Mingle when your question has nothing to do with that?
  12. There's no rhyme or reason to how they are awarding the bids. Some people can bid in the poor range and score.
  13. A sheltered balcony is a cove or hull balcony is one that you have to stand to look out of. You can see on the pic below how they are located in the structure of the ship and towards the top are the regular balconies. Many prefer this type of balcony for an Atlantic crossing during the non-summer months because you can sit outside and be protected from the wind. As for Britannia class or the Grills, the Grills are sort of a ship within a ship concept. The Britannia dining room is absolutely lovely and meals are very tasty. I couldn't even consider the Grills as I'm a frugal cruiser, to me they are not worth it. There are other dining options should you want to skip the main dining room, the Kings Court is a buffet during the day but for dinnner service it is shut down and severeal specialty restaurants are created for an additional fee. Please visit the Cunard boards here, there are so many helpful chatters over there who are well versed with the Cunard product. Have fun and enjoy your cruise - you've picked a true ocean liner for your first cruise.
  14. Just keep walking...no need to stop in front of the camera, its not that difficult to do. One way to avoid the photogs altogether is to board later about 1/2 an hour before all aboard and they'll be picking up their backdrop and gear.
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