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  1. It won't be Europe as most countries will still be shut down for the foreseeable future. Perhaps no travel til next year even. Most hotels are closed and people aren't allowed to travel. We, here in the U.S., have been having it so easy as compared to Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria just to name a few destinations.
  2. Don't bring a huge push chair!! Find a cheapo umbrella stroller because they will fit down the corridors more easily. That way you can bring baby to the dining room and it can sleep in the push chair while you have a nice dinner. Also try to keep naptime regular, you might have to make some adjustments from when you were cruising as a couple. Have fun cruising!!
  3. Instead of looking at each thread for your ports, have a look at trip reports others have taken. Not only on the cruise line you are researching, but on any cruise line! That way you can get an idea of what others have done and start looking for things you might be interested in. St Petersburg needs a tour, again, I would suggest going with one of the independent tour operators. They all get good marks on TripAdvisor as on here too. Berlin is a 3 hour trip away from Warnemunde (if you have a port stop there) I would suggest having a "down day" and have a stroll along the rive
  4. Here's the thing about the ships....you are GONE ALL DAY and will be totally tired by the time you get back on board the ship. The ship really really doesn't matter for this itinerary. Get the longer cruise, go with the flow and have a good time.
  5. Let megive you a piece of my mind....for peace of mind 😄
  6. Seriously you need to tell Steiner Ltd. and also include the dates of your spa pass, the manager's name and the date and time you spoke to her. Good Luck Thank you for your interest in Mandara Spa! To contact our corporate offices for Mandara Spa LLC division (North/South American, Caribbean, Hawaii and the South Pacific): Mandara Spa c/o Steiner Management Services LLC 770 South Dixie Highway 2nd Floor Coral Gables, FL 33146 Telephone: +1 (305)358-9002 Fax: +1 (305) 372 9310
  7. Yes in the MDR you can order as much as you want, even more than one entree if you wish.
  8. We did the Jewel last year. Loved it, booked an inside cabin and got up graded to a port hole. We were happy with that! The SUN has the very nice observation lounge as well as the front deck up on deck 12. I wuld say that is the place you want to be if the weather is very inclement. Save the extra money get the OV and use the savings for some really bang up excursions.
  9. Get married at the court house before you leave Canada, then have a vow renewal ceremony with your friends officiating. OR get married in Miami (or what ever town you're sailing from) before boarding.
  10. Topsiders is the outside pool deck grill for hot dogs and hamburgers, not a charcoal grill, just a flat top. There is also the Great Outdoors at the back of the ship, small buffet items out there if too crowded in the Garden Cafe. No movies shown on the pool deck. No extra fee deck. Eat one meal in La Cucina ---- its a beautiful restaurant.
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