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  1. Following - We had a Mardi Gras cruise booked for December 5, 2020 cruise. I had signed up for the "early release" promotion that came with $200 OBC for booking immediately after the bookings for Mardi Gras opened, so we had $200 OBC on our account. Later, when Carnival cancelled our 2020 cruise because of COVID, they were offering $600 OBC if you rebooked for a later date. We rebooked for December 11, 2021. We thought we would maintain our original $200 OBC, but we did not. It seems that people who had zero dollars of OBC with their original booking got exactly wh
  2. Without narrowing down results, I see cruises through April 2023.
  3. We also rebooked for December 11, 2021, in an extended balcony on the side. We had been, like you, booked for December this year (ours was Dec. 5, 2020) in one of the extended front-facing spa balconies on deck 17 but decided on deck 11 when we rebooked. Sad to see my countdown clock back to 500+ days, but it is what it is.
  4. Thanks, everyone. We just rebooked and were told the same. PVP also said we would get the standard "Sorry you had to cancel blah-blah-blah, you'll forfeit your deposit" email and to just ignore it.
  5. Our Dec. 5, 2020 Mardi Gras cruise was cancelled. We had only paid $250 in deposit and were waiting to pay anything more because we suspected our cruise might be on the chopping block. We are looking at rebooking for 2021 on the same ship. I understand that we will get a 100% cruise credit for the $250 and that we will get $600 OBC for rebooking. My PVP says I will have to pay a new deposit (currently $198) for the new reservation and that the $250 will be transferred to the new booking as a credit at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  6. I was getting this same thing when using Chrome. I switched to MS Edge, and it worked fine.
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