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  1. I think you're absolutely correct--too small for two, except maybe for standing out at the rail and waving at folks on the dock, or another cruise ship. It would be an interesting "something" out of our ordinary, but not something that we would choose to pay THAT MUCH money for THAT LITTLE value. Again, everyone, thanks for your responses. Silverback
  2. Thank you to all who responded. Especially appreciate the links. Gotta remember that those are available.... 😶
  3. Good catch, Suzy. Guess I was taking a snooze at the keyboard. I was looking at the deck plan for Eurodam. As I mentioned the rooms are "VT" class, stateroom numbers VT11001 - VT1010.
  4. We're looking at a family cruise during week after Easter. On the Observation Deck, I see what appears to be 10 verandah staterooms--class VT. According to the deck plan in the Cruise Atlas, there isn't a verandah, as such, but there is a "VIEWING BALCONY". Have any of you been in one of these rooms? Any idea of what a "viewing balcony" is??? Thanks in advance for any good intel.
  5. Modification (A) to Correction (1) I believe my question has been adequately flogged. And our cabin number is 11004. And yes, it's just about as far forward as you can go without going outside the ship.
  6. DOHHH!!!! You're absolutely correct, and I apologize for creating any confusion. And, I appreciate everyone's maintaining civility, and re-enforcing my opinion of my fellow HAL cruisers. 😊
  7. :QUOTE: Just to be clear, 1104 is a J category, not a D. :ENDQUOTE Ger_77--not to be argumentative, but the Holland America website shows it as a Cat D in its deck plan, and our confirmation e-mail also showed it as a Cat D. Not gonna fall on my sword over this--Hal's website isn't known for 100% accuracy on its website. Doesn't really matter what category it is. We've stayed in the next-door cabin on Amsterdam (I think), and we know what we're getting. We always bring along our scotch tape, which we've used on most of our previous cruises, 'cause we didn't know the cabin walls
  8. It took us a while, but we FINALLY realized the value and convenience of using magnets, or magnetic "gadgets" that we could just hang on whichever wall would be most useful. On our last cruise--on Amsterdam--we discovered that the walls were non-ferrous--magnets wouldn't hang ANYWHERE. Next cruise, we're booked on Nieuw Statendam, cabin D1104, and we're curious as to whether our magnetic hooks will hang on the walls. Does anybody have any information on Nieuw Statendam? As always, I appreciate any information you can share.
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