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  1. Thank you RCI for doing the right thing and offering everyone to cancel within 48 hours with RCC applied to future trips!! To those who were following, we did purchase insurance at time of booking, as it was not cancel at anytime, it was worthless unless we actually were ill prior to the trip. Again, Thank you RCI !!!!!
  2. Wrong, Norwegian is making temporary changes to its policies, allowing passengers to rebook travel on other cruises up to June 30 . Its right in their website and my TA told me so is Princess.
  3. Called my TA as I heard that other Cruise lines are allowing passengers to cancel with a credit on any of their upcoming cruises, no matter where they are going. Was told that RCI has no plans on doing so that they know of and my paid insurance wont help me. We leave in 2 weeks from Bayonne and will most likely give up our rooms and loose our money, but it is better than the alternative. I will not subject my family to potential quarantine and death. This is supposed to be a relaxed vacation. I realize its not RCI fault, but they know its a breeding ground for the Contravirus. I only hop
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