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  1. crisp1

    Civitavecchia hotel recommendations?

    We stayed at the Hotel Borga del Mare for one day pre cruise late April. We took advantage of their Airport transfer ( 50 euro pp shared, or 120 total for private) We used the private- our driver met us inside after picking up our bags. As others have mentioned the hotel is family owned and run. rooms are smallish - about the size of a normal cruise ship cabin, but the bathroom is larger. The hotel offers a discounted 3 course dinner if you pre order- way too big of a meal for us- we shared a pizza ( 10 euro ) and a liter of house wine ( 9 euro ). The restaurant in the hotel is not open for lunch, but there is one a couple of blocks away on the water with views of the ships ( if you don't want bread- refuse it- a 1 euro charge pp ) Food is good, but the only menu in English is in the entrance on a video board. Checkout is 11 am and the transfer over to the ships isn't until 12:30 but there are seats outside ( also for dining but get there early if you want one ). Breakfast is the normal continental fare. In all a very pleasant stay at a great value
  2. crisp1

    Dressing for shore

    Just finished our 3 Croatia stop on Windsurf- you'll see everything except heels- streets are are for flats only
  3. crisp1

    Clothing Ashore- Early May

    Just got off Windsurf Rome to Venice 4/29-5/07- most mornings were cool-ish and the day could get warm ( upper 70's ) but if clouds moved in- back to the sixties ( a breeze would make it feel cooler). As far as clothing when in port- no different than home- anything from jeans- shorts- capris- nothing really seemed out of place- I would dress for the weather/ temps
  4. Right now there are 2 choices - a duet ( Mardi Gras) that plays in the Compass Rose at Sailaway and late night- their lat sets are better- early ones a bit mellow- guitar player is very good and they are tech savy- have a good recorded back tracks for their material In the Lounge is a band ( 4 piece with a female lead vocal) very extensive play list- they usually play just before dinner ( 6:30 ) and again play 2-3 sets starting at 9:30 or so. Nothing during the day when in port- or on sea days- In cabin,first run movies playing non-stop in cabin choice of 2 each day + Rick Steve or something other interesting. Us Prime- tv shows with top 10 lists in between, Fox News, CNBC, Sky News, BBc News and Sky Sports News. Sailaway is something not to be missed- one could enjoy it daily- 1492 plays ship-wide as the sails unfurl while you leave each port. One day on this itinerary they brought aboard a local band who sang in Croat- 5 man, upright bass, guitar, 2 mandolins - all sang - tenor down to bass- with a low bass vocal extra- very enjoyable One night there is a crew show- not to be missed- magic, comedy, solo and band collaborations- one vocalist was so good he got a full lounge standing ovation- the syncronized swimming was a real crowd pleaser. Visiting the bridge is another thing not to miss- along with the galley tour. Chris
  5. Our flight arrived on time, but customs was a pain, those in charge would move people around/ make new lines, seemed to take forever- our luggage was supposed to be at 9- but was at 10. So many people being picked up by services- we finally found our guy from the Hotel Borgo del Mare. A bit of a walk to the van, but after a night of no sleep I was happy not to have to deal, just follow. The ride was nice by highway through areas of mostly meadow. The hotel is off the main road, but you can still hear the traffic this time of year. The system is set for either heat or cool- so it's still set on heat since the nights have been cool- but we have windows that can be opened- hence the sound of traffic. The hotel restaurant is not opened for lunch, but there are 2 within a short walk. We ate at Ideale- seems to be a local favorite- on the water with views of the larger cruise ships. There is a video menu in the entrance with an English version- but the menus are only in Italian. Shared a bottle of a local red wine and just pasta pomodoro- Forgot the locals eat theirs al dente. Although the restaurant isn't opened for lunch at the hotel the bar is open- so we split a bottle of a local wine on the outside patio. The free wifi is fine, rooms on the small side- but not smaller than you'd find on a any cruise ship. Dinner later, free breakfast and transfer to the ship tomorrow Chris
  6. crisp1

    Special diet/kosher updates?

    Does anyone know who is currently supplying the kosher meals. Research says Sterlings, but that post is over 3 years old
  7. We are limited time wise- so pre/ post cruise times are limited- one day in each- so we are fine so far with our choices for hotels, thinking about just walking around on our own vs ship tours vs independent. A thought, first time, do I need to 'see it all', or just enjoy the city/port- I'm 68- but very active ( can keep up with a 40 yr old), I used to try to make the most of our time in each port- now I think more about just enjoying the time we have without pushing it- leaning to 'winging it'
  8. I've read that people in Med countries don't dress as casually. This time of year in Montinegro and Croatia I understand that the temps are in the mid to upper 60's. Are jeans acceptable- tank tops? Shorts? I realize we'll look like tourists no matter what- but would like to fit in a bit- recommendations?
  9. crisp1

    Clothing Ashore- Early May

    I've read that Italians don't dress as casually. This time of year in Amalfi, Sicily and Venice I understand that the temps are in the mid to upper 60's. Are jeans acceptable- tank tops? Shorts? I realize we'll look like tourists no matter what- but would like to fit in a bit- recommendations? thanks
  10. After looking at Europeforvisitors and checking out hotels etc for Venice I booked the Olimpia Hotel- not close to San Basilio where we will disembark it is close to transportation to the airport. We disembark early am and aren't supposed to check in until 2 pm, so taking a vaporetto to Piazzale Roma will take up some of that time and also allow us to enjoy some of the sights along the way. I am 'old school' and like to have info in my hand- so I bought several books/pocketbooks- Rick Steve's Venice, Fodor's Italy, Berlitz pocket guide to Croatia and Lonely Planets Fast talk Italian ( don't want to sound/look like a total tourist) Still thinking about excursions- or just explore what is close to the ship- a can do in Amalfi and some of the others. If anyone is considering staying at the Borgo del Mare in Civitavecchia they offer transport to the hotel from the airport, I have a copy of their restaurant's menu ( they offer a discount on the 3 course meal- very good ) free breakfast and free transfer to the ship
  11. crisp1

    San Basilio to Piazzale Roma

    We disembark in San Basilio, we're staying at the hotel Olimpia near the Piazzale Roma. I looked into a pre paid taxi and it was 150+ euro. the vaporetto looks like a better ( and much less expensive way ) to get there. Are there other options- if not, how far is the vaporetto from the pier- 2 people with 2 rolling bags and 2 carryons Thanks
  12. crisp1

    Princess Cays snorkeling

    I didn't snorkel, but saw a bunch who did- water is very calm because of the jetties- and there are life guards posted on the jetties. It's also easier to find lounges in the shade on this side. There are food carts and a pavilion too
  13. crisp1

    Venice disembark 1 day hotel?

    So many of our cruises have been to ports easily researched ( language, currency etc) Italy, Croatia is a challenge- you're right it is an adventure- and helps me to challenge myself/ keep the mind working :)
  14. crisp1

    Venice disembark 1 day hotel?

    I did read it when considering hotels- although we will be docking in San Basilio, I thought it best to book a hotel convenient for getting to the airport the next day- Olimpia was one of the better ones
  15. crisp1

    Venice disembark 1 day hotel?

    After checking out Europeforvisitors I also booked the Olimpia post cruise. Our Wind Surf cruise leaves on April 28. I'll post a review upon our return