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  1. Calendar feature wasn't working for me this morning either.
  2. Following this. We did one last year on Celebrity through the cruise line when we were in San Juan. Helped building a greenhouse for the day. A nice surprise was that the captain and his family were on the project with us.
  3. is Keith the piano player back in the Schooner Bar? We really enjoyed his shows in January.
  4. Hello--we did a 2-night last April on Silhouette as an add-on to a Caribbean/TA B2B. It was Southampton to LeHavre. It was basically a booze cruise for the people doing just the 2-nighter. We aren't Elite so I can't speak to that question.
  5. Vancouver--Hawaii--Sydney on Solstice September 13-October 11
  6. The cookies are pretty consistent.
  7. We did the HOHO last October in Sydney and it was a pretty easy way to get around many sights of Sydney and Bondi. We stayed at the Marriott in Circular Quay and it was in sight of where our ship docked and about 10 minute easy walk.
  8. We've also used Larry's and had a good experience. Used in January and February for our group of six from Miami to our hotel in Ft. Lauderdale and then pickup from the port after our cruise and back to Miami Airport. Prompt and professional and met us with a sign at the airport and cruise port so our driver was easy to find. Not the least expensive but a very good choice.
  9. You know I don't think we did anything different than any other time going ashore. Our son had been in the kids club previously when he wanted to be there for a couple of hours here and there. So I'm sure we signed whatever waivers were required for that. Our older son went to the teens coffee house on ship when he wanted. I would agree that times have changed over 20 years and the world is infinitely more crazy now.
  10. My power bank for charging my devices if there isn't a plug handy and my mini flashlight that is always right next to my bed when I travel. Especially if you're in an inside and there is a power issue.
  11. I want to say it was about 20 years ago we took our sons on a Disney ship--they were 18 and 10 and we left our younger son in the Oceaneers club and took our older son to the Atlantis casino to gamble for his first time. We were gone a couple of hours and nothing bad happened. Our younger son loved playing the giant Nintendo and hanging with the other kids.
  12. Anyone know if Keith is still the entertainer in the Schooner Bar on Adventure? We really enjoyed his shows when we were on in January.
  13. We did QSine last year on Silhouette on a TA and it was such a nice change. We enjoyed the fun ways the food was presented and it was tasty. As everyone says be prepared to eat--we tried so many things. We also did Tuscan and the food was good but not over the top. What made our dinner at Tuscan special was that we were right in the center of the aft window of the restaurant at sunset with stunning views of the wake and beautiful sunset skies. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. My husband and I are big fans of sea days and did our first TA last year in April as part of a B2B2B. Loved it so much we also did a TP in September. Neither of us experienced boredom but we like to try new things and enjoy meeting new people. We played the games, read, sunned, went to the casino, and generally relaxed. I am an artist so I took along a simple art kit I put together specifically for the trip. I never tire of watching the ocean so I totally get the earlier comment about the energy--it recharges me. One thing I would recommend was bringing along some of your favorite snacks or candy. I was really happy I brought some of my favorite protein bars and trail mix and other snacks--sometimes I wanted those specific bits of home. I bought a pass to the Persian Garden and loved the heated loungers. Enjoy!
  15. This person is the OP from 2012--hope the cruise is good!
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