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  1. Does this also include dumping sewage into the sea? Seems like it would be a biohazard but what else can they do with it?
  2. So just FYI--the Anthem debarked all their passengers this morning in Bayonne NJ before receiving conclusive results from the CDC but are disallowing embarkation of new passengers til tomorrow because they are waiting for conclusive results from the CDC. Makes no sense.
  3. So RC is not boarding the ship until they get conclusive results from the CDC but they allowed thousands of passengers to debark without the conclusive results. Is it just me or does this not make sense?
  4. We did both NZ and Aus just after Oct 1 and you need to get an ETA for both countries. We are from US. It's an easy online process and we received them within hours.
  5. There are still those quarter push machines that take only quarters.
  6. Recently on Solstice for a B2B and although we really enjoyed QSine in the past we were open to trying LPC. It was fun, entertaining, and different and the food was very good! We were on a TP and towards the end they offered a second menu and different "show" so we went for a second time. Mainly because the food was so good the first time. I really don't understand those of you who have never even tried LPC making pronouncements about it. I encourage you to give it a try first. 😎
  7. I've found it helpful to use my weather app. I add cities for my home city and cities we're going to be going. It always show the weather but also the local time in each city. On TAs the ship will change ship time as you go so you end up on the correct time when you arrive.
  8. Recently returned from a sail out of Vancouver on Solstice--we were Aqua and we had to wait with everyone else in the order we were received. The only ones who got priority boarding were suite guests. Period. No recognition of CC levels or anything else. First time that's ever happened. We had completed everything online and already had our set sail pass.
  9. My solution for the banging hangers is to push them all tightly together on one side and then use one of the pant hangers clipped to the rod to keep them from moving.
  10. Got off Solstice a week ago and I have to agree Cellar Masters is generally pretty quiet but they have a decent sized bar in there and have a lot of craft beers you can't get at other bars on the ship but most people don't realize that. My husband is a beer guy. I attended a couple of wine tastings in there that were packed. I found the sommelier to be very helpful and patient about educating me about new wines and offering me lots of options that were available with the premium package. I also observed that Cellar Masters was used to feed through new passengers on embarkation day to pass out the welcome glass of champagne. I would not be surprised if they convert it to a pub theme when they revolutionize the ship since the decor is already halfway there. One more thing--the sommelier has a list of what wines are available in what restaurants (on the package) and can advise about that so if you ask for a specific wine and they tell you they don't have it you can tell them politely to go get it. Please.
  11. Hello--just got off Solstice a week ago and had the internet perk. It was unlimited and full stream for both of us--1 device each. I used everything--Instagram, radio streaming from a station at home, videos, texting, all of it. We didn't experience any issues and we were on for 27 days. Happy sailing!
  12. We just sailed in concierge on Solstice and received canapés on embarkation day--not fans of them so told our steward not to bring any more. Also requested the mini bar be emptied and he did it while we were at the muster drill and took it somewhere. It wasn't under our bed or in the cabin.
  13. Solstice Cabin 1510 Deck 11 Aqua Class Starboard Forward Bed near Balcony Quiet? Mostly but not always--below Fitness Center treadmills Balcony view unobstructed; can view bridge wing one deck below Balcony size: adequate but by no means roomy Wind: average Soot: None Problems: This room is generally not a problem but it is located right below the fitness center treadmills. If you get someone with a heavy step on the #5 treadmill right above the room it is very obnoxious especially at night. There was a couple episodes of someone on the treadmill about 11 pm who was really pounding on it for an hour. After complaining a couple of times a ship officer was sent to our room to hear the noise. Problem solved. Not sure exactly what was done but thank heavens. Currently on board 9/2019
  14. Currently on B2B and attended the info meeting earlier today. We have the option of leaving ship by 930am and returning anytime after 11am using transit pass and passport with a separate expedited boarding line OR remaining on board and meeting at a location at 930 am to get new sea pass.
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