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  1. I did the crossing on the Royal Clipper a few years ago from to Barbados and it was the most amazing way to celebrate my 50th birthday. There were no bad days even when it got a bit rough it was just part of the adventure. Enjoy your trip
  2. travelinguy

    Westbound Trans-Atlantic

    I did it on the Royal Clipper ion 2012 and we had great weather, a few window washing experiences from the waves over the portholes but all in all enjoyable enough to be out on the lounge chairs a lot of the time. It was actually cooler and wetter when we got o Barbados
  3. travelinguy

    I'm terrified!!!!!!!!!

    I have done almost 6 months at sea on cruise ships and sailing ships including trans Atlantic crossings and have had only mild discomfort and at no time did I ever feel unsafe or fearful. Take some anti nausea RX and enjoy the trip
  4. travelinguy

    Royal Clipper Cat. 6 cabin size

    I have stayed in that cabin as a single on a TA cruise and it was very adequate. Even with 2 people I would have had no problem in it. It may very well be a bit bigger due the fact that it is at the end.
  5. travelinguy

    Nov Trans Atlantic Crossing - Rpyal Clipper

    I echo John's comments about the sailing. We were under sail most of the time but with the exception of a 3-4 days of sails only we were motor sailing. It was my first SC trip after numerous others on Tall ships and major Cruise Lines and I chose it for the itinerary. There were many onboard who had done Windstar and they all agreed that Windstar may be a bit more elegant but you are not getting the true sailing experience that you get on the Royal Clipper. There is something neat about saying that you have crossed the Atlantic on the Worlds Largest 5 masted sailing ship. I went el cheapo on a Cat 6 inside cabin as I was travelling alone and I found that it was well appointed and more than adequate. I did get a chance to tour other cabins over some cocktails with fellow travelers and they were all very nice.
  6. travelinguy

    Royal clipper cabins

    I did the TA on the Clipper in 2011 (east-West) in Cabin 212 Cat 6 and I had no problems at all. I have done numerous cruises and tall ship trips and I found it more than adequate.
  7. travelinguy

    Westbound Transatlantic in November 2013???

    I did the trip in 2011 and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Just like jcl410 we had great sailing days, a few that were a bit rough. That is half of the fun :) It was nice to get to Morocco and Tenriffe 2 places that are not normally on the typical trip. I found a light jacket and sweater were all that was required for warmth even on the coolest days. The days warmed as we got about half way accross and allowed us a chance to get into our shorts and the pools. Most of the passengers were there for the adventure of saling accross the open ocean, many were repeat passengers and most were in your age group.
  8. travelinguy

    Anyone done the 14 day cruise that transits the Panama Canal?

    I have done the Panama Canal trip on another sailing line and I loved it. I also thouroughly enjoy the sea days. That is the time to chill and spend some time enjoying the ship. The ABC's are great and Margaretia Ils. is a funky place as well.
  9. travelinguy

    Star Clipper Transatlantic 2012

    I did the the TA on the Royal Clipper in October and I had bought a nice bottle of rum and was expecting them to take it and place in bond for me. They never even looked in my backpack when I brought it onboard. That being said the drink prices were not all that bad. If you have any specific questions about the Transatlantic feel free to send me a message.
  10. travelinguy

    Royal Clipper westboand transatlantic

    Hi there GlobalGirl, I am one of the other guys joining rouge bkpker and I agree about the layering thing. I live on the West coast and I expect much the same weather on this trip so it will be layers and some gortex. I will be backpacking around Europe for a bit before getting to Lisbon so I will be traveling as light as possible. I am a runner and I will have just done a marathon so I am planning on spending some time on the treadmills if nothing else. As for organized stuff it sounds like there may be yoga or a few low impact things available depending on the passenger make up. Terry
  11. travelinguy

    Looking for hotel near SJO, Costa Rica

    I stayed here after a Panama Canal trip with the now defunct Windjammer Barefoot Cruises and the subsequent trip inland. We ended up staying a few extra days we liked it so much. The steak house is one of the best in the Country as well. http://www.elrodeohotel.com/index.html good luck
  12. travelinguy

    Questions, questions, questions before making decision

    Island windjammers is a great group of people. I was with some of the owners in San Diego for Jammerfest in the spring ( a Windjammer land based get together) and heard lots about the Diamante. I have friends on her right now for their honeymoon and I look froward to hearing about their experience. BTW Barb, your name and being from Spokane sounds familiar to me. I may have sailed with you on the Mandalay. Did you have friends from the Carolina's with you?
  13. travelinguy

    Questions, questions, questions before making decision

    We are on the RC from Lisbon to Barbados in October. 1 less sleep now!
  14. travelinguy

    Questions, questions, questions before making decision

    Beth, I have done over 10 weeks on Windjammer and I know of a few solo travellers I met there that are doing the October Trans Atlantic. I will let you know how it goes. too many sleeps left...
  15. Thanks for the info Cluso. I am going to be in Europe for about 2 weeks prior to embarking and I was planning on a few days in Lisbon anyways. I am going to travel light around Europe and I will need to buy some dressier clothes for the Royal Clipper in Lisbon. I will look forward to reading your trip report when you get a chance.