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  1. I have to correct this mistake. I checked with my TA after seeing that others were receiving FCC for their $200 or $300 cancellation penalties. She clarified that we did indeed get that as FCC also. I just did not see it in her cancellation confirmation email and thought it was lost.
  2. We canceled our Viking Oberammergau cruise for September the week that our final payment was due. I didn’t want to ante up that large amount of cash knowing that it could not happen as planned. The Oberammergau play is being rescheduled for 2022. Viking is still trying to figure out what they will do about rescheduling cruises for that year. So I already received credit back for my deposit. But they did keep $300 total unrefunded - $100 each cancellation penalty plus $50 each air penalty. I think that was the “air plus?” that we paid for to have a say in our flights. That $300 was not given as FCC but simply lost.
  3. I’m pretty sure you would both be quarantined in your room , even if only one of you is showing symptoms. They would only remove you from the ship if you actually need medical care that can only be provided in a hospital setting.
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