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  1. When does the initial boarding time sign-up open? Do I wait to get notified to do it or is there a set number of days before sailing that the window opens? My sail date isn't until late January.
  2. I don’t really remember what we offered; and as Jim has said, you can be successful at either end depending on your sailing and category availability. But I do remember you could bid on more than 1 category.
  3. It seems that Concierge class guests are not getting their priority boarding or their embarkation day lunch (as a result of no priority boarding). Okay I understand that with the new boarding windows being used. But those were really the only benefits worth anything. With AI, the welcome bottle of wine in the room is useless. And the idea that a sea day lunch in the MDR with the same menu that everyone else has is an adequate replacement for those 2 lost CC benefits is absurd. How about just giving CC guests a complementary specialty dining meal to replace the 2 lost benefits? That would be a meaningful perk. Otherwise, without those benefits CC is just an overpriced veranda cabin.
  4. Unless things have changed, move-up offers come directly from Celebrity. We received one and had our bid accepted last year (pre-covid). But we dealt directly with Celebrity for all communications and payment. Our TA was not involved at all.
  5. Who has verified this denied priority boarding. Please direct to the confirmed report.
  6. But neither do we have any confirmation of a concierge class passenger being denied. At least I haven’t seen it. You would have to direct me to that post. Celebrity has come out and said CC status priority boarding benefit has been suspended, but it has not said booking category priority boarding has changed. Again, that is to my best knowledge. You would have to direct me to that announcement. So, until confirmed otherwise, I would have to believe suite and concierge bookings are entitled to priority boarding.
  7. Back in the olden days (pre-internet), we always used our local AAA agency to book all of our trips. They always had us flying in same day as sailing. We never even thought twice about it. I guess we figured that they knew what they were doing. And we had limited vacation days when we were younger and didn't want to use extras for no reason Luckily, we never had any problems. Since then, as we research travel options ourselves, with the background of all the horror stories we read online, we always fly in 1 day early. Though we don't have to worry about limited vacation days anymore, I would say the security of the early arrival is a good reason for the extra day even if you are still rationing them.
  8. Ok so coincidence then. glad we ignored it. we both had the webinar open on our phones so we thought maybe we were supposed to check in or something to confirm we were still on.
  9. Strange question here. Both my husband and I got weird text messages almost simultaneously near the end of the webinar with just a link to click on. We obviously don’t click on random unsolicited links but wondered if it had something to do with the webinar. Any connection? Or just coincidence?
  10. I didn’t think of the screenshot till close to the end but did get one when everyone was on screen for questions and the thank you. hopefully that will be enough.
  11. My initial screen froze quite early. But I clicked in on another device and it stayed on through the end. The other one never did restart. If I don’t get the points I guess I’ll call and hope for the best.
  12. This is my first attempt at a webinar so I have some newbie questions. Do I try to connect right at 6:00 or should I be on ahead of that to be sure it is working? if I lose sound or it freezes as some have mentioned, is there anything I can do or just hope it comes back?
  13. I have had both of my vaccines, but am not interested in being part of the first wave of return to cruising. I prefer to wait and see how things go when cruising restarts. I am currently booked on an 11 nt in Jan 22. We will have to wait and see how things work out including cruises longer than 7 nts, excursions, entertainment, dining, etc. There will be lots of feedback from the early cruisers; and if we have concerns as the time gets closer, we can always cancel/reschedule. But I wanted to have something scheduled that I can look forward to.
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