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  1. It does happen in the states. I had 2 people I know get different doses. one of each type. They researched it and found out it was okay.
  2. I Sent my passport for renewal in January for our trip in July. It had only 6 months so I needed it renewed. Haven't received it so went on line. GUESS WHAT? They are not processing any passport since December except paid expatiated form January. I have a cruise scheduled on July 5. and don't know if I will have it back. Can you still travel with a birth certificate when you are going to the Caribbean?
  3. My 9yr old granddaughter was with us in H/C room. The sofa was too small and the steward brought in a roll-a-way bed for her.
  4. You are losing your ability to fight off bugs if you constantly use anti-antibiotic sprays and wipes constantly.
  5. How does a person who can walk some small distance w/o help get from the ship to the pier where the tram is. I understand that a scooter would be bogged down in the sand. I would like to not take it in the sand. Is there a place at the end of the pier you can leave it while you are on the island.
  6. Have him check with Special Services where he can get discount tickets for all major theme parks. They do a great job as a travel agent. They also get special deals available only to active duty military personnel.
  7. I was on the Oct 18 sailing on the Grandeur and used a scooter. I parked it in the elevator lobby every nite. Every evening the room steward took it and charged it and returned it in the morning at the time I requested. I didn't even ask ,he offered before I could say anything.
  8. I know there are half and full day for the water park. It is not worth it to but three tickets so my grandaughter can play as we are not able to and she is 10. Is there any free slides or anything near the beach?
  9. I don;t know why it was down a second time. but they regularly monitor the traffic and I do know that they do not regularly stop traffic because a ship is going over.
  10. On that day there was a tractor trailer that spilled his load in the tunnel and they had to close it for about 12 hours. Sailing over the tunnel has no effect on the cars going thru the tunnel.
  11. Does anyone know what RCI will do to the ship? new carpet and what else?
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