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  1. We have been on the Star Clipper three times. I would say that cabin 308 is in one of the best positions on the Clipper Deck - well located and one of the quietest areas.
  2. We have been on the Royal Clipper several times in the Caribbean - including the Grenadines. (1) Yes - you can explore independently. (2) Yes (3) On all (or all but one) of our trips we have been in Cat. 2 - at our own request (ask for one amidships). Cabins are well fitted out with good quality fittings. Apart from sleeping etc. you are unlikely to spend much time in your cabin. Instead - on deck watching the action, the tropical bar (the main "social" area), on the open part of the bridge and adjacent thereto, maybe once in the net under the bowsprit, maybe once climbing the mast to the crows nest (with safety equipment). A couple of suggestions:- 1. On the day of embarkation, boarding usually commences at 4.00 p.m. Dinner usually starts at 7.30 - suggest you go in then (the Maitre D will help you to a suitable table) and be out by about 9.45. Make your way up to the area by the open part of the bridge ready for sailaway at 10.00. The sails are being raised as the ship leaves the port and then you will have the Trade Winds coming from astern of the ship - yes, real sailing. Listen as well as watch - can be emotional !!! 2. In St Lucia (time permitting) definitely go ashore at Marigot Bay and walk around there and, maybe, have a snack / lunch in one of the cafes. Marigot Bay is a very historic bay for sailing ships to shelter from adverse weather (should be very good weather for you in January). The Clippers are a place to relax. The daily programme will be delivered to your cabin the previous afternoon / evening. Drink prices in the bar and the restaurant are reasonable. It is often said that you meet very interesting people on the Clippers - we have and we are still in touch / friends with some of them Have a great time
  3. We have been on 20 Clipper holidays - wonderful (there are lots of people who have done far more than us). The Starclippers red and white house wines are good and reasonably priced. Captain Sergei is indeed excellent. Cruise Director Peter is a legend on the Clippers. Suggest that at sailaway you be in the vicinity of the open part of the bridge. Listen as well as watch - can be quite emotional (tears permitted - you would not be the first!!!)
  4. Generally speaking on any ship the most stable area is amidships on lower decks and that is the case with any of the Clipper ships (we have been on all three). We usually choose category two amidships. If you go to the web site - starclippers.co.uk - click on to "our Fleet" and then on to "Deck Plan" you will see the cabin layouts with the categories. When booking you can ask for a specific cabin or go more generally and say, for example, "Category two, amidships"
  5. Departure ("Sailaway") is usually at 10.00 p.m. Suggest you be in the vicinity of the open part of the bridge by, say, 9.45 for sailaway. Listen as well as watch. The sails (usually all of them) are being raised as the ship leaves the port and then you are off with the trade winds coming from astern. Boarding usually starts at 4.00 p.m.
  6. Some years ago there was a member of the Crew on the Royal Clipper who (unofficially) made and sold small "models" of the Royal Clipper (we have one). That crew member left Starclippers some years ago reportedly due to a serious health matter.
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