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  1. Bob you look great. Congratulations to you both, may you be happy together. We were overjoyed to hear the news. Tali & Assaf
  2. Thanks for the update Jim, saw Bob at the infirmary and have been asking around. Bob, hope you get better soon and take care of yourself. We are leaving in Southampton so if we don't see you All The Best. If you get to Tel Aviv email me israelsun@gmail.com
  3. If Oceania emailed my TA (twice) saying that we can stay on board (I imagine they checked with UAE authorities) they should stand behind their word, if the circumstances change they should compensate us. Had they the slightest doubt about us staying on board in UAE they should have made us choose to disembark before the cruise started as was the case was in Indonesia. Are you so naive to think that we were allowed on board in NYC without all visas & permissions. To be told on the afternoon that you have to get off the ship is a little disturbing & not the policy of a reputable company.
  4. Photos will be on my FB page Assaf Shilo on a Harley with angel wings
  5. Disembarking in Ko Samui for 5 days in a tropical heaven. See you in Phuket. Assaf
  6. Please send me a friend request. Usually the images are on my computer plus 3 backups.
  7. Hi all, if anyone is interested in looking at my photographs from this ATW cruise, look at my FB page Assaf Shilo & my profile photo is of me on a Harley with angel wings. In future I will not be posting photos on this board.
  8. Excursion for tomorrow if anyone is interested $35 US. Airconditioned 15 sitter bus
  9. I sent him a screenshot of your post. Planning to buy a GoPro in Sydney
  10. Welcome to the Pago Pago, gateway to the magnificent islands of the Territory of American Samoa. Lying south the Equator, American Samoa is the most southern point of the United States domain. Island of Tutuila. Cultural experience tour- traditional dance & kava tasting, tsunami memorial, Flower pot rocks & views from the Western coast
  11. I did not take the underwater photos, gave credit to Greg Ulrich who was kind enough to share his great pictures.
  12. Rangiroa, Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia + Bora Bora snorkeling photos by Gregory Ulrich Timid and skittish, blacktip reef sharks don’t usually pose a threat to humans. But their shy behavior does make it difficult to get close to them while scuba diving.
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