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  1. I sailed the bliss in June with a group of 13. Around the time that booking opened for dining reservations, we were Advised to email our dining requests to specialeventsbliss@ncl.com. I sent them our reservation numbers along with our dining location and time requests. It took a few weeks but they finally emailed us back and everything was arranged with no problem. Our confirmation indicated that due to our large group size that we might have to be split into tables near each other, but that was not the case once we got on board. When I got to my room,I had a letter reminding me of all the reservations for our group waiting for me. Most of the big groups are assigned the Manhattan dining room if they want MDR because they have room for lots of long tables. 13 was not a problem. However, our meal took forever and we traded our Manhattan reservations for Taste or Savor; they did a much better job with our large group. Teppenyaki- obviously you can’t squeeze 13 into a table for 8. But we had group table seating at Cagney's and Q. We were always seated at rectangular tables and so were all the other big groups I saw. Have a great cruise!
  2. Of course tastes vary from person to person, but I thought that the pizza from the buffet was tasty! It is infinitely better than the cardboard ncl was serving on our last ncl cruise 9 years ago. We had told my daughter how she could eat pizza every day if she wanted (she was 8, it was a big deal) and then one bite into her first piece and she was over it. If an 8 year old won’t eat pizza, you know it’s bad. This time around my youngest begged for buffet pizza every day, and I reluctantly tried it, was pleasantly surprised, and went back for more for both of us! I didnt have a burger on our cruise but the ones in Taste and Savor for lunch looked yummy. And my extended family really liked the ones from The Local.
  3. Boring. We were smooshed into The Local, and I mean smooshed. Early folks got chairs, the rest of us stood shoulder to shoulder. Muster was just a series of announcements over the PA system. I think crew did a live demo of the life vests but we couldn’t see from where we were.
  4. 1. Pools are definitely open as soon as you get on the ship, but the waterslides weren’t. We brought our swimsuits in our carryon bags, luckily for us but the time we got out of lunch our staterooms were open so it was easy to change and go grab some sun. 2. Taste and Savor are open and we loved eating there on boarding day. The service is very fast and food is great. The Local is open and also has delicious food and a fun space. Margaritaville is open as well (for an extra charge). 3 & 4. You’ll go to The Social for all these sign ups. It’s not a quick line, be prepared for that. I posted a copy of all the recent Freestyle Dailies when I got off the Bliss, feel free to take a look!
  5. We had no issue whatsoever. Didn’t bring any clothespins. Quite dark with the curtains closed. The one night we didn’t close the curtain completely we knew about it at 4 am when it started getting light, but we usually have our curtains wide open at home so a little light doesn’t bother us.
  6. The Freestyle Daily says no taking food or drinks off the ship. Having said that, no one checked anything leaving the ship and coming back on board I think they were just checking for bottles of liquids. We brought back cookies and popcorn - lol. 😂
  7. I wanted to add, I had this letter waiting for me when we got to our room on Day 1. By booking ahead we were able to get most of our dining around 6 pm, but it looks like they will be happy to help larger groups if you don’t mind dining a little earlier.
  8. Here is your fitness class schedule!
  9. Okay, I got the Freestyle Dailies, kids club schedules, and even the menus I managed to get uploaded. I posted in a separate topic. Here you go!
  10. Just for fun, I’ll throw in the MDR menus I caught on my phone. I didn’t get them all, sorry! Kids menu is included too.
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