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  1. Husband has limited time off, so trying to figure out if we can aim for the 3:30pm ish flight out of London or if we should wait until the next morning. Cruise timetable indicates arrival in Southampton at 5:30am. I've never cruised on RCI and am not familiar with their process, nor have I been to this cruise port. Is the 3:30pm doable or should we wait? Thanks!
  2. Hi forgotmyCCname Yes, see above. 🙂 It looks like I can search for other categories, but not the one I originally wanted. No big deal, now I see that I can look elsewhere and if I want the original category I will just call. You all are super helpful, thank you!!!
  3. (Also wow! You guys are great! I can't believe all the help so quickly after posting. What an awesome community!)
  4. Yes, I'm doing a mock booking 🙂 and yes, I have chosen "choose your room". I've played around a bit, and it looks like it's allowing me to choose for some room types (some suites, some balconies) but not the standard balcony. I wonder if there are only two left? But I'm surprised it wouldn't tell me which rooms they are. Strange. 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for the booking for less suggestions! We are airline employees and I've tried every single avenue I can for a discount, but the online prices always hover within $50 of what I can get. I'll take suggestions if anyone else has a good one! 🙂 Thanks again!
  5. Bee Guy, that's what I find on every other cruise line, but not RC. At least not that I can find....
  6. I'm looking at a cruise on Royal Caribbean (in August) and having some trouble figuring out how to view available rooms without actually booking the cruise. I can view on just about every other cruise line if I begin the reservation process, but Royal Caribbean wants me to put down a deposit and complete the reservation before I can even find out if there are two rooms next to each other. Please help me out...perhaps I'm missing something on their new website format? I would love to know if upgrades are available, adjoining rooms are available, or different decks are open, without having to put down money. We are looking at 4 different cruises and all of these details matter as we decide 🙂 Thanks so much!
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