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  1. The good thing about all this decluttering is I have no urge to buy things . I think do I really want to move any thing else .
  2. Cute pants Anita . I have very few pairs of pants except for jeans and black pants . I usually wear knee length shorts most of the year . I have quite a few pairs of the chico stretch shorts .I used to wear capris but I think the long shorts are more flattering. We are still decluttering . It is amazing how much stuff we have and I go through stuff and weed out all the time .Gary is a pack rat . Our goal is to be done with the decluttering part by Jan, and then shop for the new house .
  3. Paccruise & Anita ., Watching your children go to college is as tough as watching them enter school . It is another step toward independence . Remember they will always be your children ! My daughter is 42 and I could not be prouder of how she turned out .
  4. Congratulations ! Your daughter must be thrilled .
  5. I bought a bell sleeved blouse . I lie it but I think they would be awkward with coats .
  6. Laurie , Your house will be fine to age in . Selling and Buying a new house is a hassle and very expensive . We would not be doing it except We are sick of the maintenance especially the pool . We were talking yesterday and once we hit 70 we really started to feel our age and not in good ways .Luckily we bought this house years ago and should make a nice profit on it .
  7. Maybe the heat wave did the fashionista's in.
  8. We should have moved in our 60"s because now in our 70"s it is harder .
  9. I know I never thought my SO would want to move but even He is ready .We are going to open houses tomorrow to start looking at our options . All the new communities around here are out near the interstate and we have no interest in moving there . We have too many friends around were we live now .
  10. I have an elevator but I still have steps to my third floor which we do not use .
  11. JJill had some great options for me this summer . I really do not change my clothes but I like to add some fall colors .I bought several brown and green dresses . They are perfect for just about anything . I also bought a brownish linen shirt .I can wear that solo or layer it . We have decided to finally down size and even though I hate moving we are going to do it . My house is 3800 sq. feet and three stories and now that we are early 70's it is just too much .We hope to find a one story 3 bedroom 2 bath in a maintenance free community .I have been tossing things like crazy . It feels so great . Our neighbor is interested in buying our house so if the offer is good we are going to do it .
  12. I realize weather is very related to where you live . In Florida 70's would be the start of our winter . When I was in Buffalo last week it was in the low 70's and I was chilly . My daughter made fun of me but I was coming from weather in the 90's.. We went on a New England cruise in the first week of September . Halifax was chilly and rainy . The rest of the ports were perfect early fall days .We took my grandchildren to the Buffalo science museum . What a great museum . Laurie ,you will love being a grandmother . It is so much fun. I love seeing the fall fashions but my wardrobe does not change at all until December and then it is only a slight variation .Pretty Boring !.
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