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  1. I do not have any luck getting clothes at Stein mart or TJ Maxx . I do buy odds and ends there . Have not been in either for awhile . Pier one is going out of business . I went once but very few mark downs so I think I may stop in again next week . I have my eye on some stems and a vase that would look perfect on my coffee table . Today I am in home clothes just black old yoga pants and an over sized tee . I stayed up too late binging Nurse Jackie .
  2. It is so sad to see all these stores closing . I used to live very close to stein mart . Loved their jewelry selection.
  3. Laurie , Have you considered a paver patio instead of a deck . The pavers only need occasional pressure washing .My daughter who lives in upstate NY just tore out her deck and replaced it with the pavers . We also have a paver patio on our first floor .Our deck is elevated 17 feet because we live on the water . Otherwise I would not have a deck .
  4. Anita , That flat sounds perfect . You probably feel better having that taken care of . We are replacing all the boards on the deck .Florida sun does a number on decks . Melody , I got roses last week just because . Is someone whispering in their ears ?
  5. I would but it was my fault . I did not read the care instructions . I threw it in the dryer and now it is tiny teeny .
  6. I bought a top at Chico's last month . It was so cute until I washed it . It shrunk down to nothing . I just purchased it again in a size larger and will be ultra careful . Luckily it was on sale so not much money wasted . Yesterday I went to the dentist . They are doing everything to make you feel safe . I had on Chico's long shorts and a talbot print shirt with a few bracelets.Last night I made chicken in white wine and lemon with lots of mushrooms .Love all the food ideas .Keep them coming !
  7. It is fun watching all the projects going on. My daughter is chalk painting her kitchen cabinets .The paint is a sprayer .Louver doors are a pain but you need them for circulation in Florida . Laurie, That table screams chalk paint after you sand the top.Chalk painting is an antiquing process . It is very popular around here . You probably saw a lot of it at that shop in Sarasota . My next project is to redo my deck which is huge . We will have it done .
  8. Except for a quick target run I have not been in store shopping since the pandemic began . I have been doing online shopping .I usually do tons more online shopping than in person. It is still pretty rampant in Florida .
  9. Cute outfit Melody ! I really like the jean jacket .I heard that JJill may go bankrupt .I hope not .That is my main store.
  10. I just read a nice book . It was perfect for escaping the pandemic "One day in December " . It is a romance and I am not a big romance reader but this was just a nice book .I also read "The Guernsey literary society " years ago . Another nice book .It really made me want to go to Guernsey .
  11. I also having been upgrading my linens and towels during the pandemic. I also have been buying books like crazy . I read a lot but now I have so many books to read I am good for awhile .I really miss my book club.
  12. Today I went for a hair appt and then I did something I have been putting off for forever I called SS to see if my late husband's benefit would be higher than mine . After twenty minutes on hold the answer was yes so I have an phone appt . on tuesday to change my benefit .Slider girl I thought of you instead of claiming your benefit couldn't you claim half of your exes and leave yours grow ? We are having crab mac and cheese for dinner with a salad .
  13. I do agree that you should practice hurricane prep but most of the time these storms are more hype than reality .The things you need to worry about are anything that could become a missile and go through a window . Lawn furniture , trash cans , should all be secured . I agree about keeping the dishwasher . I keep my appliances until they die .I have a GE dishwasher and so far so good .
  14. Anita , I have lived on Sarasota Bay for almost twenty years and the only time we evacuated was a few years ago .The big problem with hurricanes is loss of power . That is a pain. We have a portable generator that we bought years ago when Florida was getting one storm after another . Every year we get it ready but we have never used it . The only time people bother with hurricane shutters is if it is a category 3 or above . The worst months for storms are September and October . Just have flashlights , peanut butter ,crackers , water , wine and a good book .
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