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  1. That is wise . It is after everybody leaves that reality starts to hit .
  2. Melody , That is beyond awful . Losing your husband is awful but losing your sister at the same time is too much . She is lucky you can help .
  3. I am totally clueless about plants . If they live they stay . I mostly have salt tolerant plants , two oaks and palm trees because they are hardy , As for leggings I wear under armour slightly loose capri leggings . I hate any thing too tight . They last forever and are super comfortable .
  4. When I got new furniture the store took the old set to Habitat and I got a tax write off . The problem with furniture in Florida is the sun fades it .I had a red sofa and chair that faded to a weird shade of rose . I now have a white couch in a sumbrella fabric that will not fade . Once I get a room how I like it I tend not to change things until I get totally sick of them usually about twelve years .
  5. Sometimes you just need new art work . Last spring I put new pictures in my kitchen & one in our tv room . It made a big difference. I bought them on art.com and was very pleased with their service . I am more like Anita in I like my house to be a little odd. This time of year is so odd we have really warm weather one day and then it turns cold .
  6. Florida has been chilly but today it is hitting the 80's . We are going out for lunch today since we avoid going out on Valentine's Day . I did get a lovely bunch of flowers . Margaret , I drive a Rav4 . I love it but then I love Toyota's .I had a Honda CRV but we never bonded
  7. I also have a Le Creuset double oven . It was a present over fifty years ago and it is still my go to pot for roasts . We are having our skylight and roof vent replaced today . It started to leak in the last tropical storm .Luckily our neighbor is a builder so he helps us to get reasonable estimates .He also wants to buy our house and hounds us about it . We have two and a half lots on Sarasota Bay .We will eventually sell him the house but not just yet .
  8. Anita, I really like your vanity and color choices . I wear make up every day unless I am staying home. It has a sunblock so it protects fro Florida rays . People are always remarking how few wrinkles I have and I think it is due to keeping my face protected . I wear Estee Lauder makeup and clinque lipstick ,mascara & blush. Laurie , Your neck looks really inflamed . Maybe see a Dermatologist ? I have spent so much on my daughter it is unbelievable . I finally learned to just step away and let her handle it . I also had a hard time accepting that she was not like me .Once I made peace
  9. Margaret , We looked at the Mazda a few years ago when my car needed to be replaced . Nice car . I ended up buying the toyota rav which I love. Laurie , Before I retired I tracked all my expenses for several years so I was prepared but ultimately I retired when I had had enough of the crap at work. I was 60 and for me that was an ideal age but probably bad timing as that was at the start of the recession and I lost over a third of my savings . It did come back but it rattled me for awhile . I have now been retired 13 years and it has been great . It gave me the opportunity to travel while
  10. Margaret ,I have that luxe top in blue and black . They are really nice tops . Very silky !
  11. Anita , I love how the pantry is turning out . I especially love the coffee corner . What a great idea ! I am sure you will find the perfect cabinet for that area. Melody , Happy Birthday ! I love how your kids decorated your house . We have been having constant cold weather . It may finally warm up this week . I am so sick of the few winter things I own.
  12. I can not see how it can survive after all this . It will probably be a lot different than what we were used to. I really miss movie theaters . My favorite theater shut down with no sign of reopening .
  13. Florida has had cold and crappy weather . I feel sorry for all the people who came for the sunshine because it has been chilly for most of January . On Monday I had my house deep cleaned . A crew came and did a fabulous job on all the areas you get to but they got to better .It is so nice to have a sparkling house . I should have been doing this for years . Our big project last year was we redid our elevator . We live in an elevated house 18' up so an elevator is necessary for loading groceries etc. Ours had gotten old and fidgety so we replaced it . Major expense but a big selling point .
  14. Lovely room ! The new table goes so well with the antique tables.
  15. I really love those clogs . I am just not sure how much I would wear them in Florida .
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