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  1. No just a few times throughout the cruise. Definitely not for every drink.
  2. On our last river cruise, which was a 7 day, we paid $326 for both of us on our invoice as we prepaid our gratuties. We like to tip extra to bartenders, our room attendant and some waiters from time to time for the excellent service. We also tip the tour guide/bus driver who usually share the tips. But for convenience of not carrying a lot of extra cash, we pay the full gratuties up front on our total invoice as part of the cost of our trip and it includes everyone. Sorry if I confused you.
  3. We had our travel agent add them to the bill and paid in Canadian funds. We tipped extra to wait staff during our cruise.
  4. John, we did Medieval Treasures last year. We live in Nova Scotia, Canada. We flew to Montreal and then had a flight to Zurich. Upon arrival in Zurich, we walked across the street from the airport and booked our train ride into Lucerne. We used an agent due to Language on the self buying machines. We were a few hours on the train and arrived in Lucerne around 10:30 am. Our hotel was Hotel Central Luzern. One block or so from train station and a few blocks from the main area of Lucerne. The hotel gives you a voucher for transportation. Had a great hot and cold buffet breakfast. Rooms w
  5. We have been on two AMA river cruises and didn't have any issues with noise or any motion going through the locks. The first night after departure, we did notice a bit of noise because it was a new sound for us, but after that nothing. On the Medieval Treasures cruise we did we stay overnight and it was in Rudesheim and we had a wine tasting after supper and then had the morning to explore the town. In some cases we sailed during the night but anywhere there was great scenery we would sail in the daytime sometimes arriving at noon or 2:30 or 3:00. It really depends on your itinerary. On
  6. We took a van from the train station to our hotel across the river and it was well worth it. We were able to get the van taxi's business card and we arranged with our hotel to book him to take us to the ship. Worked out well and was very reasonable. We did the Medieval Treasures cruise as well and it was wonderful on the AmaDante. Enjoy your cruise. We stayed on the boat from Miltenburg to Wertheim and it was a lovely cruise. We walked into the town for a very quick stop and then went back on the boat and cruised with it. Only 20 of us onboard and it was a great afternoon and quite scen
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