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  1. I can only imagine the stress being felt by the Tui call staff during this crisis. I'm not chasing any refunds yet because I don't know if mine is to be cancelled.
  2. Latest update on Marella cruise site on Tui pages, states cancellation only on cruises up to 28th March.
  3. Tui flights to Paphos being cancelled now due to Cypriot decree that persons travelling from UK will have to self isolate for 14 days on arrival. This to be reviewed on 28th March. Looking increasingly unlikely Celebration 1st April departure will go ahead.
  4. Entrants to Cyprus from UK will have to self quarantine for 14 days on arrival, up to 28th March. Does Oceania go there without me looking?
  5. Perish that thought right away. Marella not covering themselves in glory at the moment.
  6. A step in the right direction for sure, although far from ideal. I certainly hope that Marella respond in a similar manner in the UK. As I've said previously, that element of exitement we all have when getting near to embarkation date is non existent. A sad situation all around.
  7. Marella showing themselves to be minnows in comparison to that group of "major" cruise companies.
  8. Game changer? Government quote "advising older people not to go on cruises"
  9. And the silence from Marella is deafening. My attempt at sampling another cruise line looks like coming back to bite me on the backside.
  10. My hope is that Marella are going to do similar very soon! Irrespective of how the virus spans out over the immediate future, one of the nice things once you've booked is looking forward in anticipation of a lovely experience. My wife is full of dread regards the whole matter.
  11. I'm no nearer finding out what's happening to the 1st April departure. I mentioned that Israel is on lockdown and with that being the only reason I booked the cruise not one of the sales staff would entertain my feeling of being short changed and wanting a refund. This was to be a taster of Marella but you only get one chance of making a good first impression and they've failed miserably.
  12. Nearly time for bed. Will await tomorrow's developments with interest. Maybe TUI will have something to say about the Israel situation. My seven day cruise has three of those days allocated to the Ashdod element.
  13. Your post sums up matters beautifully. The amount of contradictory comments coming out from all and sundry is so frustrating. Your cruise maybe the one we're booked on, 1st April out of Limassol. Seems Bethlehem is one place on lockdown, which for me is a deal breaker. It was Bethlehem that made me choose this cruise. If that is the case, then that gives grounds for a conversation I need to have with TUI. Edit: Just looked up Jewish News and the Prime Minister has decreed visitors from abroad to Israel will be quarantined for 14 days. Make of that what you will.
  14. I have tried remaining stoical about the current situation but have finally been worn down. Due to fly on 1st April and I understand that screening of sorts will be carried out before reaching check in. I don't know if it will be filling in a questionnaire or some sort of physical exam. My wife presently has a cold which if declared on the form will means she's likely to be denied travel. At this point I'm thinking that we could claim from TUI itself and get a refund. Plus if within the next 21 days the government decides that self isolation is required, where will that leave us?
  15. I'm glad I've stumbled into this particular thread. Booked a "taster" with Marella in six weeks or so and it's the topic of dress code that's catching my eye. I've decided that tuxedo will be left at home as it seems wearing that would put me in the minority. I'll take a suit at best, but from the sounds of things smart casual would seem to be more appropriate for me at least. My wife always looks elegant whatever she wears, must be a woman thing! Still in love with P&O, just fancy a change.
  16. Last year we did the P&O UAE cruise and no visas were required for Oman or any of the others.
  17. I'm reading a Jack Reacher novel at the moment and in it the anti-hero utters the phrase "sometimes the only way to see how hot the stove is, is to touch it" So in that vein, myself and my good wife are embarking on a Marella cruise in late spring to see what awaits us with that cruise line. I've not fallen out of love with P&O, quite the reverse, my recent cruise on Aurora rekindled my warm feelings for the brand, plus we've got two booked for next year. I'm hoping that going with a different operator will give me a more balanced view of things.
  18. That seems reassuring. Yes, I am very much going with an open mind. Your point about only one sea day in a seven night cruise is a valid one, and if I'm honest, the itineraries on similar fly cruises with P&O I've been to many times. Anyway, as stated the cruise is booked now, sixty days and counting.
  19. More or less on impulse this morning, my wife and I booked a cruise for April with Marella. A bit of a simplistic question really, but to any reading this who have experienced P&O what can I expect to see regarding the cruise experience. As you can probably gather I almost exclusively travel with P&O but my decision to opt for Marella is due to positive conversations we have had with those who have used Marella previously, and not to the debate raging currently about the perceived drop in standards at P&O. So we've taken the plunge and decided to see what Marella can
  20. I've just done a "back of a fag packet" calculation to try and demonstrate how prices have drastically been reduced over the years for cruise packages with P&O. Here goes..... In 2003 we had our first fly cruise to the Caribbean. We booked at the Holiday Hypermarket. The cost for the two of us was in the region of £3500. In the current P&O brochure I could get an almost similar holiday for £3400. A quick comparison of what £3500 in 2003 would be worth today I'm seeing £5100. It maybe explains why the saying, you get what you pay for, cones to mind.
  21. We've used P&O exclusively for the past 20 years with one exception when we tried Costa. To answer your question about what you may have missed, the most notable one for me at least, is within the main restaurants. The serving of your vegetables came at the table and not presented to you along with your choice of meat or fish. There seemed to be a bit more "theatre" then compared to now. We continue to book with P&O as during the past 20 years or so, I suppose we have just "moved with the times"
  22. Well thank you very much, I'm now minded to avoid the 271 as has been suggested to me in the past. All being well I'll hit Southampton around 1300 and not get caught up in any school run traffic and such like. Thanks once again.
  23. Attracted to this thread due to the topic of the Aurora being decked out for the Christmas festivities, but focusing on the logistics of getting to the terminal. Taking the Christmas market cruise on the 9th Dec. and travelling from East Yorkshire. I've always used the M271 route off the M3, but a few people have now commented on using the more direct A33 and getting to the terminals from the East. I suppose it will all depend on traffic on the day, but having been pre-warned I'll give myself a bit more time to get there.
  24. First time I have used the pre-registration service offered by our TA, and was surprised at the ease of the process and of the savings to be made. Left my wish list with the agent and within thirty minutes she had called back and after listening to the prices given (10% past passenger, 5% Peninsular discount and agent diiscount,) I ended up booking both cruises.
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