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  1. Totally get that! I'm still today playing with legs involving RDU to see if I can make something work out 🙂 Fingers crossed!
  2. Sometimes, it does! Luckily I had travel insurance for my Thailand trip and got full refunds, so the money was just sitting and trying to decide how best to use it. I get it. We’re not intentionally planning last minute. It’s just the way it worked out.
  3. Unfortunately I was booked to be in Thailand and the trip was cancelled due to the coronavirus, so it wasn’t intentional. I was going to be gone for our anniversary, and now I’m not. So I was just eyeing things and seeing what was possible.
  4. Yep pretty crappy! Out of all the things to happen, a dang epidemic! thanks for all your advice.
  5. Wow! What fortuitous timing. We’re always last minute cruisers. I usually get pegged to tutor failing students during spring break, but I had Thailand planned and it fell through. So now I can’t help but eyeball other trips 😂
  6. I really appreciate that advice! We don’t have a ton of flexibility but we might be able to squeeze in a third week of May cruise (I get out of school around the 15th). That might be a better opportunity, flight wise. the flight from BNA is awful - it’s a red eye that gets in at 1:30 am. And still pricey. Definitely worth delaying IMO for better flight prices and timing. Thanks for your perspective!
  7. Thanks, good to know. Maybe multi-leg to RDU from MEM/etc. then SJU.
  8. yep. I was supposed to be on a trip to Thailand that was grounded due to coronavirus fears. So we are last minute looking around for something else. And yeah, I know spring break is always going to be tough. Unfortunately it's usually the only option we have.
  9. Ouch, thanks. Hate to spend that much! I flew to China last year for $400 lol.
  10. My husband and I are debating the 7 day out of San Juan for spring break (I know, I know - teacher problems + farmer problems; fall is never an option). My biggest concern is the flight situation. I've researched multiple possibilities, but does anyone have any flight booking tips for a decent price? Right now we're looking at adding on $1K JUST for flights, which is seriously impeding my decision to book the cruise. We live in TN; can easily get to STL/BNA/MEM; not so easily but still doable to get to ATL.
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