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  1. When we sailed from Fll there was a dinner reservation desk in the terminal. It was convenient and no line at all. Great system!
  2. You may have misunderstood what I wrote. I never said to bring more than 12. But I do think they may think the bottle of ICE could look like a beer bottle. If that’s the case they would check her carryon. She would be fine as it is allowed to be brought on the ship. But in over 50 cruises and I carry the limit, I have never been asked who I am traveling with when they pulled me over because they thought I had liquor in my bag. It was a 2 second search and I was on my way.
  3. You can bring bottles or cans. I know it does say 12 per stateroom but I have never seen them ask anyone in line if they were in the same stateroom as someone else in line. The worst that will happen is they will pull you aside and search your carryon to make sure it’s not alcohol. So bottles of ICE should be fine.
  4. It has never taken us 2-3 hrs to eat dinner in any restaurant, but I don’t go to Chefs Table for that reason. As an adult I can’t sit in one place for that long. But have encountered many disruptive, drunk and loud adults in these restaurants. Just my experience.
  5. Some of these replies really baffle me. I know many families enjoy having their children with them on vacation and feel dining together is important. When my children were young I was thrilled to have a night out alone with my husband but I know that is not what others want to do. We usually only eat in the specialty restaurants and if a family with children is sitting next to me that in no way would upset me. I can’t figure how this would ruin my meal. When I go out on land I don’t check if there are children in the restaurant before I go in. Because you pay extra for your meal no where does it say that children aren’t allowed. Do you expect on a family cruise line with water slides, kiddie pools, bumper cars etc. to not have kids in the restaurants? Nicole, enjoy your cruise and I hope you and your family have a great dining experience.
  6. The recommendation for rccl air to sea program for the air portion is great. They saved us a lot of money and I did a lot of research before booking with them.
  7. What date are you returning? The trip to the airport could depend on the date you are returning. Things like Super Bowl could make a difference.
  8. I would think you would have no problem leaving a wheelchair and transferring to a beach wheel chair. If someone took it where could they go with it? They would have to take it back on the ship and there are cameras everywhere. You could walk around the island, have a great lunch and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Some of the beaches are really sloped and I could see that could be a problem. But they do have lounge chairs that go all the way up to where the brick walkways are. Even if you just spent a little time on the island with her I think she would love it! Have a great beach day!
  9. Sailed Mariner a few months ago. Yes to lunches in all the places that were open on port and sea days. If I remember correctly Playmakers opened a little later on the port days. The limit in Playmakres is not a big deal because it would be hard to eat $20.00 worth of food. I think you will enjoy having the package. Enjoy your cruise great ship!
  10. That sounds great! Were there others in shorts and tee shirts. The reason I say this is sburrus4 is trying to pack for her family and after over 50 cruises I have learned that tuxes and gowns are not the norm anymore and usually the minority. Maybe there was a wedding or something like that but to suggest other wise is not fair to her.
  11. You will see people dressed in so many different ways. The name for formal night has even changed to dress your best. Yes, if you want to get dressed up for pictures or just want to, do it but it definitely is not necessary. Just returned from Harmony and I saw from shorts and tee shirts to suits and cocktail dresses. Please don’t stress over this and pack whatever you and your family are comfortable with. As far as children most had on shorts and a nice tee shirt with sneakers or sandals. Some of the young girls had on dresses. Funny but the ones I noticed that were most dressed up were the younger men and women and teenage girls. As far as the shows go you can wear whatever you like. We mostly eat in the specialty restaurants because our kids are grown and even there you will find shorts on formal night or any other night. So like I said don’t over pack and enjoy the time with your family. Have a great time!
  12. After becoming friends with a couple that were a waitress and waiter in a specialty restaurant they told us they received a great weekly salary. They said you work your way up to that position and it was a sought after job. The tips they received were extra money to them but that most did not tip. Yes I always tip extra and have no problem doing that. I do find it hard to believe that if I buy the UDP that 3 or 4 dollars of that is divided by 7 nights and that is what they get. Or that they get 3 or 4 dollars to serve me because they don’t serve that many people in the short time they are open each evening. I think someone was trying to get a big tip😊
  13. I always bring more than 12 cans or bottles. Just have each person bring some. They don’t ask what cabin your in. But the rules do say only 12 per cabin.
  14. Just was on Symphony and it was included. I went there I think around 2 on a port day and it was open.
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