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  1. Because of all the dining choices you have on the bigger ships you will see a big mix in the way people dress for formal night. On the smaller ships your choices are limited and I have found more dress up except on the short weekend cruises. The one class ship where a lot more do is Radiance but I think they attract an older crowd. For me to say that 30% dress formal or semi formal on Oasis class would be a stretch. I have sailed on all of them and never encountered that many in formal wear.
  2. Brilliance definitely attracts an older crowd. I was just on her in Jan and even though I am 69, I was bored. Food is great, cabin was nice but would never sail on her again. I am sure your family is excited to go on the cruise and I hope you have a great time. I don’t think you can go wrong with Liberty.
  3. Do you have to use the fcc for the full amount at one time? If you pick a cruise that cost less can you use the credit on another cruise? Just wondered how it works.
  4. What a wonderful birthday present! We went on a cruise with 4 other couples and 2 of us had Sky Lofts and 2 had balcony rooms. This was never a problem. The suite section for the shows we never used. We just went a little early and waited in line and always got seats together. CC welcomed them and every evening we went there and enjoyed a few drinks at the bar and no one was turned away. We never ate dinner there but inquired on our first day and were told they could join us there for dinner if we made a reservation. One evening the guys wanted to watch football in our room so we ordered r
  5. When we sailed from Fll there was a dinner reservation desk in the terminal. It was convenient and no line at all. Great system!
  6. You may have misunderstood what I wrote. I never said to bring more than 12. But I do think they may think the bottle of ICE could look like a beer bottle. If that’s the case they would check her carryon. She would be fine as it is allowed to be brought on the ship. But in over 50 cruises and I carry the limit, I have never been asked who I am traveling with when they pulled me over because they thought I had liquor in my bag. It was a 2 second search and I was on my way.
  7. You can bring bottles or cans. I know it does say 12 per stateroom but I have never seen them ask anyone in line if they were in the same stateroom as someone else in line. The worst that will happen is they will pull you aside and search your carryon to make sure it’s not alcohol. So bottles of ICE should be fine.
  8. It has never taken us 2-3 hrs to eat dinner in any restaurant, but I don’t go to Chefs Table for that reason. As an adult I can’t sit in one place for that long. But have encountered many disruptive, drunk and loud adults in these restaurants. Just my experience.
  9. Some of these replies really baffle me. I know many families enjoy having their children with them on vacation and feel dining together is important. When my children were young I was thrilled to have a night out alone with my husband but I know that is not what others want to do. We usually only eat in the specialty restaurants and if a family with children is sitting next to me that in no way would upset me. I can’t figure how this would ruin my meal. When I go out on land I don’t check if there are children in the restaurant before I go in. Because you pay extra for your meal no where
  10. The recommendation for rccl air to sea program for the air portion is great. They saved us a lot of money and I did a lot of research before booking with them.
  11. What date are you returning? The trip to the airport could depend on the date you are returning. Things like Super Bowl could make a difference.
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