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  1. Okay, well I’m up for a Japanese Slipper in the Ensemble in October for sure!
  2. Really enjoying your review! Thank you for taking the time to post. I love Silhouette - we will be on her for the second time in a few weeks - on the cruise you are also on to the Canaries. So looking forward to it. Our first time in Aqua.
  3. We went with Aqua Class in the end. Can't wait now! Only a few weeks to go. Thanks everyone for your comments and help.
  4. Thanks for your help everyone. I'm no wiser. May have to leave it to my friends. I personally am nervous about the cabins being susceptible to noise from above as I am such a light sleeper. That's my only worry. They would be more bothered about having a cabin that had a shaded balcony so I might check that out. The fact that they are only double occupancy is a plus though! Thanks again :)
  5. Hi, We have sailed on Celebrity a few times before and last time we were Concierge Class. This time we are travelling with friends and they are first timers. They mentioned Aqua Class. I remember as Concierge we had welcome wine, flowers and fruit, and canapes each night. Oh, and a nice welcome lunch. Not sure if Aqua would be better? I don't know anything about Blu, and I thing the access to the spa lounge may be a little crowded? Has anyone been Aqua on Silhouette who could let me know what they think of the differences? Much appreciated.
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