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  1. twodaywonder, Thank You, Any chance you could scan and send me a copy of your list?
  2. Hello All! We haven't cruised for several years, but always thinking and hoping, Someday!!! We do have some family members that have a Carnival cruise booked in several months. I had compiled a list of things that we, and other cruisecritic board members had learned over numerous cruises. Examples like: You can ask for seconds, and more, in the MDR. Use the Spa/Gym showers. Saunas & Steam Rooms are free. Ask your Cabin Stewart if you forget something, ie, toothpaste, sometimes they have samples. Bring a travel mug, with a lid. You can use all day, coffee, juices, etc. These are some that I remember. Trying to make another, newer, updated list for niece & nephew. Any bits of wisdom, things that you have learned over your cruising times will be appreciated. Matt
  3. Thanks Everyone for the fast response. Yes, it's Barclay's MC, just use to calling it SeaMiles. Looked at the website, there's a fee associated with a transfer which would amount to around $111.00. Maybe i can convince her to use the MC, pay off the balance, then when MC statement arrives, just pay it off, In Full, Reap the Points. Again, Thank You All!!! Matt
  4. Good Afternoon! DId anyone receive mail over the last couple of days from our Seamiles credit card company? It was a letter and some blank checks attached we could use. The letter stated something to the effect of 0% APR and/or finance charges for a certain amount of time. Wife had an idea/plan, but when I got home, she was gone, I saw the letter laying on the counter, and I trashed it. Question is: Will someone send me a copy of the letter so we can read the details? Thank You in advance!!! Matt
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