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  1. Mrs. Santos - I don't think you can get a refund since you cancelled the cruise and not NCL. In my case, and others like me, we didn't cancel. We were paid and full and days away from sailing when NCL cancelled the cruise. We had no choice.
  2. I already did dispute with my CC company. They declined the dispute because NCL provided them with documentation saying they had issued me a cruise credit and that is all they were obligated to do per the contract. I disputed THAT dispute with documentation that showed they were offering refunds and that I filled out the refund, my CC company STILL declined my dispute and sided with NCL. Capital One Venture.
  3. I'm going to try to keep this simple: I was supposed to sail on the March 22nd sailing of Encore. NCL cancelled the cruise on about March 17th. On March 23rd, I went onto NCL website and filled out the online form for a refund. I got the pop up window that said I would get the refund in 90 days. I also received an email. About May 13th, I called my NCL group cruise consultant and asked about the progress of the refund. He said they had no record of my refund request and I should fill out the form again. He stayed on the phone with me and walked me through
  4. We were to sail on March 22nd. I filled out the refund online form on 3/23 and have not received anything. Is there anyone out there who has not even gotten the email yet except for me? We were part of a group booking. When I try to call the group booking number, they aren't even answering the phone anymore - not even able to be put on hold.
  5. My quesiton is specific to how many have NOT received even the email about the refund let alone the refund. I've received neither. My cruise was supposed to be 3/22 and I filled out the refund form online on 3/23. I'm seeing people who applied for the refund in April and hae already gotten it. I have tried calling NCL and they aren't answering the Group Bookings phone at all today. I left a message for a call back yesterday and have not gotten that either.
  6. Today is the 90 day mark from when I requested a refund. We had a group reservation. Everyone else in my group received an email about a week ago saying their refund would be coming soon. They all received their refunds about 2 days ago. I have not received an email nor a refund. I can't get anyone in NCL's group reservation department to answer or call me back. Anyone having a similar experience?
  7. Sigh. Looks like that's $5000 I won't be getting back. 😞
  8. Yes, the person I was speaking with was our NCL group reservation agent. We had been working directly with him since last June. He said he had the most current list of those who requested a refund and neither of my reservations were on it. He then told me to fill out the form again, and walked me through it. So yes, it appears that my refund request had gone through and he, mistakenly, walked me through a process that undid my refund request - and then he had no idea how to reinstate it. So I don't know where I stand now. I am waiting on a call-back from him. In the meantime, I filed a di
  9. I'm the OP, so here is the response. I knew the NCL rep I was speaking to. He was our group rep since we had a group reservations for my daugther's wedding. I had his name, email and direct phone number. I said I had TWO reservations. He could find no record that either had a refund request pending. He told me to fill out the form again - which I did for ONE of those reservations. That is the reservation that came back that I cancelled my REFUND request and changed it to ship board credit. My reservation agent was on the phone with me when I did it. He w
  10. On March 23, I filled out the form requesting a refund for two cabins on 3/22 Encore that NCL cancelled. When I filled out those forms, I got a pop-up saying "Refund in 90 days." I never received any type of confirmation email or anything other than that pop-up. So, I called them today making sure they had record of my refund request. GUESS WHAT!! They DID NOT! My name was NOT on their refund requests for EITHER reservation. So then the phone rep told me to go fill out the form again. I followed his instructions and filled out the form. GUESS
  11. "No, because they already credited his account. He's got his money." He doesn't REALLY have his money now. He won't know until 6/24 if the money he got is his to keep or if they will be taking it back. So it's the same 90 day wait as the rest of us.
  12. "If you don't hear back from us by 6/24..." 6/24 is exactly 90 days from when most of us submitted the Refund Request Form back on 3/23. So it's still the same 90 day wait.
  13. No, absolutely not. You could easily test negative because you are in the 2 week incubation period. The tests also are not 100% accurate, so lots of false negatives and false positives are happening. They aren't reliable and thinking that they are could lead to a ship-wide infectious catastrophe.
  14. We had a large group going on the same cruise in March. Many of our group cancelled just a day or two before NCL officially cancelled the cruise. They got the same message. They are only eligible for FCC and not refunds because they cancelled. Those of us who waited until NCL cancelled the cruise and to fill out the form on 3/23 go the pop up message about it taking 90 days for a refund.
  15. I have $5000 wrapped up in a cruise for two cabins in March that were obviously cancelled. I filled out the refund form and got the pop-up message of 90 days. I called my credit card company to dispute the charge - Capital One Venture Card. They told me that it takes AT LEAST 90 days to close a disputed charge and since NCL was promising a refund within those 90 days, they wanted me to be patient with NCL for the next 90 days. THEN if I didn't get my refund, to then proceed with the credit card dispute process. They said they made a note of my phone call and what they
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