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  1. Makes no sense....why would you lose everything? These cruise companies have low paid staff, overhead costs for the major items (Fuel, Food, etc) that stop when not operating, large collections of physical assets, access to large lines of credit........there is really nothing to show they will go under completely. I am curious as to your thinking with a comment like this... 6&8
  2. We used to sail with NCL, but they have gone way down hill. Ever since the current management took over quality fell and prices went through the roof. The food in the MDR is close to inedible. Royal and Carnival are far better lines overall. The nickel-and-diming on NCL has gotten out of control. We will likely never give them another try after several sub-par cruises.
  3. There is so much included food on the ship, why pay for this? Are the prices super reasonable so it's a great deal? The reviews have been decidedly mediocre, so I am just curious. I have never had a lobster roll and it sounds interesting. What is the cost? 6&8
  4. Not in the least. Only three times have I ever even been aware of a CD. Leigh who was with Royal and was last with Carnival was amazing the two times we sailed with him. He was present, wild, and made the events he ran outstanding. The other was the Couple that works for Royal (Cruise Director and Activities Director). They were TERRIBLE. The wife was the fakest person I had ever met. They also ruined the Quest, turning it into a G rated yawn fest. Other than that on my other......20+ cruises I have been completely unaware of a Cruise Director in either direction.... 6&8
  5. They really need to use Norfolk more. It is a great port, and much easier to get to than Baltimore. 6&8
  6. FTTF is not worth it in any way IMO. Cancel and use that money elsewhere. 6&8
  7. Were you able to make reservations for Hibachi with the Dining package? Did you just walk up to chops and tell them you had the package for the embarkation lunch? 6&8
  8. No reason to be a sit-down place for lunch. Open it for lunch and pump out burgers to go. Would be very simple IMO. 6&8
  9. Carnival manages just fine with Guy's burgers and they are FAR FAR better then what is served at JR. 6&8
  10. $48 is a break even of less than 5 drinks a day. You will also get coffee, milkshakes, bottles of water, energy drinks, etc......Dont second guess, just enjoy. Best part of the drink package is the freedom to try a lot of new drinks.....dont like it, just order something different. 6&8
  11. You seemed to have missed my point....They allowed a very small number of people to buy at $18 (thus taking a likely short term loss) so that they could drive up the overall price long term. This in no way proves your point which I do not agree with at all.
  12. My opinion is that is was NOT a pricing mistake. It was done intentionally. They release a few cruises with the prices at $18. They make a big deal about honoring the "mistake" and then stop discounting the package as deeply moving forward. The masses don't look at Royal, but instead now "blame" it on the $18 mistake. It is a brilliant strategy.... 6&8
  13. IMHO you are wildly overreacting. I have now seen you posting this on a few different forums......you are literally wasting your entire vacation because of a couple hits on a joint (Maybe, seems VERY unlikely he sparked a joint on the pool deck). In my opinion you should find him and ask for a puff.....you need to mellow out man... 6&8
  14. I would recommend doing it in advance. It will take a LOT of your vacation. Typically a local dive shop will handle the classes in a couple configurations, but the most common is a Weekend course. You will go on Friday from 6-10ish being all book work. You will com back Saturday 8ish and continue the book work (Dive tables, scuba terms, etc) for most of the day. You typically will do some lite pool work this day as well. Sunday will be all pool work, and the final test. You will practice all your water skills (Giant Stride, take off and clearing mask underwater, Safe descent and ascent, sharing air, using gauges, etc). Once this weekend is completed you will then need 4 checkout dives. On these dives you will be with a divemaster on a real dive (Lake, Quarry, River, Ocean). You will again have to demonstrate all your skill in a real life scenario. These dives build a lot of confidence that you understand the skills and can use them. It will make your cruise diving much more comfortable. Diving is an AMAZING hobby. It can be fairly expensive, but is 100% worth the cost. You are exploring a part of the work, and seeing things that most people only dream of. The feeling of being under water is so freeing. Good luck in your scuba journey. I wish you all the best in whatever path you choose. Dive Happy!! 6&8
  15. I have name changed several cruises all without issue. I organize group cruises for our friends group and have had several instances where people couldn't make it last minute and were swapped out. In all cases this was handled without issue and without fee. They want people on the boat. The cost of a cruise is nothing, the other things are where the money is. The real answer is a phone call away. If the OP calls and is nice on the phone I have little doubt they will be happily accommodated. 6&8
  16. I have done name changes in several cruises. Have never had an issue. Never been charged. As long as one name stays the same you should be good to go. 6&8
  17. If you buy the Pixel Package ($99) it INCLUDES the canvas. it is not an extra cost. It is actually what makes it worth the cost. Yes you can buy as many pictures as you like additionally. They are $20 each typically. 6&8
  18. We take a small vial of sand from every beach we visit. Never have had an issue. 6&8
  19. It is there somewhere.....someone posted it the other day, but I can't find it now.
  20. That does not show you the included venues. I am looking for the list of included venues on the Royal site for the UDP. Is that list on the site anywhere? 6&8
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