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  1. ccndfw

    Calabaza or the Boatyard?

    How does the Silver Moon swimming with turtles and shipwreck differ from the short excursion to do the same thing from Harbor Lights or Boatyard?
  2. ccndfw

    Silver moon all the way!!!

    I’m thinking about booking an excursion with Silver Moon. I was in Barbados a few years ago and we went to Harbor Lights and paid $15 to swim with the turtles and see a shipwreck off carliasle beach. Is that the same location that Silver Moon takes you to? Or somewhere else? Trying to see how this super cheap excursion varies against what is on Silver Moon...
  3. ccndfw

    Crown Princess-recent shows/entertainment

    😂😂😂 We sail on the Crown in January and were hoping for decent entertainment. Anxious to hear if it changes after moving to the Caribbean.
  4. I ran into this same issue booking a recent cruise for three people. I was told that there are only a certain number of people that can be in areas of the ship due to fire safety regulations and if quite a few rooms in that hall already have more than 2 people booked in a room, then they have to limit additional bookings for additional passengers in that same floor/hall on the ship. Cabins will open up again as it gets closer, but for Alaska, if you can, splurge and get the balcony... totally worth it!
  5. ccndfw

    Can I make a 10:10 flight out of FLL

    We made a 945 flight... was a bit stressful. You have to be first off ship and try to have your transportation to airport arranged ahead of time so you don’t get stuck in a long cab line. Would help to have the app on your phone to clear customs faster as well. As others have said, have a back up plan. Ours was that we had a later flight booked on SW as well but canceled it when we got to the gate. While you don’t get your $$$ refunded, at least you have a future flight credit which we used fairly quickly.
  6. ccndfw

    Crown menus?

    Thank you 😊
  7. ccndfw

    Crown menus?

    I am just off the Ruby and we have another cruise booked soon on the Crown. I’m curious if the new menus that we tried on the Ruby have been rolled out to the Crown yet. If not, anyone know if this will happen anytime soon?
  8. ccndfw

    How's the seaweed issue in St. Lucia?

    What did you do last time you were in St Lucia? We visited once as well and it was one of our least favorite stops on the cruise.... trying to see what others did as maybe we missed the better part of the island. We did an island tour with swimming at Sugar Beach... the water was not very clear and one in our party was stung by a jelly fish. Are there any better beaches?
  9. ccndfw

    Spencer Ambrose issues?

    I took this tour about 18 months ago and would not do it again. In addition to the boats that seemed like they weren’t well maintained, it also seemed like they were overcrowded and they didn’t have a good system of getting people on / off the boats at certain stops. We quickly stopped at one pier to transfer to the van portion of the tour and there were huge swells of water from all the boats as we docked. They never tied the boat up, but rather two crew members held on to these posts to hold the boat close to the dock... with the large swells of water they couldn’t keep the boat close and I saw several people almost fall as the boat came about a foot away from the dock as they were trying to step off the boat. Very dangerous and I would not recommend this tour because of that.
  10. Are they having contests like this on any other ships?
  11. ccndfw

    Mini bar for Elite

    On our cruise last month, we could exchange the liquor for beer, but they would only let us exchange for Dos Equis or Heineken. We wanted Bud Light, but we ended up having to pay for those separately.
  12. If you are flying in the day before and want to stay by the Ft Lauderdale beaches, we stayed at the Westin Ft Lauderdale Beach and it was a comfortable place to stay. We had a nice dinner at the Casablanca Cafe which was within walking distance about a block away. We did this same cruise a few years ago and did a mix of ship excursions and outside vendors. What types of activities are you looking for? Our absolute favorite thing we did on the cruise was spend the day at Jacqui O’s in Antigua... it was the perfect day at the beach and we avoided the crowds. You can reserve a large round daybed and make a lunch reservation by sending them a message on their Facebook page. Be aware that on all of these islands, if you decide to get a cab to the beach, these drivers have deals worked out with the vendors at the beaches so they will take you to where they get paid by the vendor. Do your research and make sure you go to the beach you want to go to as some are definitely better than others.
  13. Following this thread... I just booked this cruise for Jan 16. Hoping someone has more info on the Crown / Patters. I took this cruise a few years ago on the Royal and it was a lot of fun. Now the fun part of trying to decide what to do on each island... we have St Thomas and Antigua figured out, but looking for suggestions for the other islands.
  14. ccndfw

    Crown Princess Dining?

    We just booked a cruise on the Crown Princess and I’m wondering if anyone knows which dining room is for the 5:30 traditional dining and which one is for the 6pm traditional dining. We like to be in Di Vinci so trying to book that dining room. Also, are there any recent patters? Wondering what time the early shows might start as that might make a difference on our dining time as well.
  15. ccndfw

    Free tote bags

    Two of the three people in my cabin on the Ruby got them last month...we asked for one more for the third person and they did give us one, however, we were told that they only put two in the cabin as they were for the ladies... guess they don’t think men need a shopping bag.