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  1. They had almost 18 months to come up with new policies… there is a lot more known about Covid than there was in the beginning. I seriously doubt they will quarantine a whole ship and keep them stuck at sea again. They have to make money and its not profitable to create another nightmare sailing experience. Find out what their plans are for these types of worst case scenarios and then decide how it would impact you. These initial cruises are not going to be 100% perfect and anyone not having patience or flexibility should probably stay home.
  2. You know how it works there… Everyone’s on island time and nothing happens in a hurry!
  3. Most people haven’t read the terms of their agreement to sail, but unless something has changed in recent years, cruise ships always have the right to change the itinerary. I know people that went on a cruise and there was horrible weather and they only had one port stop and not the four on their original itinerary. I was also stuck waiting to embark for six hours while the ship was being cleaned due to the Norovirus outbreak on the previous sailing. This is all part of the risk you take with cruising… none of the port stops are guaranteed.
  4. I’m sure the Bahamas wants their tourism dollars back and they probably will change their policy. I would guess the other cruise lines will probably follow RCI as well.
  5. I’ve been wondering this for months. I realize it’s a little different on a cruise ship because you have so many people in closer proximity, but why are they still singling out a single industry. Me and my traveling companion got covid last year after visiting a casino, even while being super careful and wearing masks and gloves during our trip. If it was that easy for us to get it when I’m a self proclaimed germ-a-phobe, I’m sure other people did too.
  6. It’s impossible to make everyone happy and they won’t bother trying. Things are not going to go 100% perfect when they start sailing again and anyone lacking patience or expecting a perfect vacation should probably stay home. It’s pretty simple… if you feel safe and that it will still be an enjoyable cruise, then go. If not, stay home or do something else.
  7. A bit dramatic… A lot has happened in the past 18 months and now they know a lot more about covid and there really should be no reason to quarantine an entire ship… anyone vaccinated should be able to come and go on the ship as they please. The real question is, how will they actually handle this? They need to publish their plan and let people decide based on that info.
  8. So curious how tours / excursions will be handled… any updates on this? At one point, they were saying you could only go on ship excursions. Is that still the case? I can’t imagine not being able to go shopping or take a cab to the beach…. I would think there’s still lots of risks for unvaccinated individuals and hopefully, they would take any necessary precautions to reduce their chance of getting covid.
  9. Exactly. Recently read about a study that indicates natural immunity from having the virus could last for a lifetime. Obviously, hard to know that for sure given we are only about 18 months in now, but there are people that don’t want it because of these new studies. Reading thru all these posts and can understand people not wanting their cruise to have to go into quarantine based on an outbreak… I share the same concern and I would hope the cruise lines would have a better plan to address outbreaks, especially given there’s always a chance of a new variant that may be more resista
  10. We disembarked in early Feb and based on all the symptoms I’ve read about, I really think we might have had this as well. Since they weren’t yet testing for this, it isn’t confirmed, but definitely was unlike anything we had before. Has anyone that was on an earlier cruise had similar concerns?
  11. Basically, when you sit down, you must first scan your medallion before you insert any physical cash ($20 bill, etc) into the slot machine. If you insert any physical bills without scanning your medallion, if you decide to cash out any winnings, it will likely go to the medallion closest to the slot machine which might not be yours. It happened to us... when someone else’s $$$ was deposited into our ship bank account.
  12. We just had our first Ocean Medallion experience and while overall, it was good, we didn’t like having the heavy medallion around our neck... wristband definitely worked better. A few issues encountered at the casino.... if you put cash in the machine, you must scan your medallion first otherwise when you cash out, it won’t put the cash on your card, but will instead put it on the card of the person sitting closest to you. Also, even when playing with your medallion, we experienced an issue where the machine said processing and showed that we had cashed out, but our bank balance was zero so
  13. We were on this cruise as well... it was not one of our favorites. Our biggest issue is that we had plumbing problems and our toilet would start trying to flush itself and would overflow. It did this four times which resulted in our bathroom being a big mess. In addition, the AC stopped working and our room was super hot. We thought the entertainment was very boring, casino was super smoky and didn’t pay well, food was ok, our waitstaff was excellent while our cabin steward was often nowhere to be seen and wouldn’t always clean our room in the morning... we left at 830 one morning and ca
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