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  1. MortgageChick

    Day-use Hotel in Tahiti (Papeete area)

    Hi Zoey1, thank you for your post. We will be visiting by ship February 25th/2019, if you book a day rate what does that include?. Is there a food/beverage credit. The best price I see for the hotel for an actual nights stay (2/25/19) is 247USD. As far as currency goes, can you pay in USD all over Tahiti, or is it necessary to have the local currency . I am fine with both. We are Canadians, so either way I will have to do exchange. I did email the Intercontinental last night, but have read they often don't respond.
  2. MortgageChick


    Only time we absolutely needed to get a vaccine was 2003 on our Amazon River Cruise. A number of passengers disregarded the Yellow Fever vaccination and we left FLL without them. They were vaccinated at an inflated price and flew to meet the ship in Barbados ( our first stop on our 3 weeks cruise...lots of sea days on that one) We are heading out on a 42 day WC segment in February 2019, and the cruise line no longer tells you which vaccines you are required to have...and leave it up to you to figure it out. From what I can see there are only recommended vaccines and none absolutely necessary. I am basing this on our current residence, and the places we have recently traveled. We are flying BOS to MIA to SCL..so no connections that are suspect for Yellow Fever, Typhoid etc. Our itinerary includes Chile, Easter Island (Chile), Pitcairn, Bali, Tahiti, Indonesia, Australia, NZ, Singapore, Raratonga. To my knowledge none of the above destinations require specific vaccines unless you have recently visited or connected through countries where these diseases are active. Are any of you aware of different information regarding the above itinerary??
  3. We are booked for a 42 day WC Segment on Luminosa Feb/march 2019. We sailed Costa once before ( Costa Mediterannea 2003) , and it is close to the bottom of my 50+ cruise experiences . However, the itinerary we have booked for Feb/March is exactly what we were looking for, at a fair price, so we are adjusting our expectations accordingly. We are currently booked in a Premium OV and have the Pranzo and Cena package included. My TA fought for this inclusion, as it was mistakenly listed it as included for this particular itinerary. We had made a significant non refundable deposit based on Pranzo and Cena being included, before learning World cruises and Word cruise segments are excluded. My first question is regarding Coffee and Tea. I have been reading a lot about coffee not being included in the basic fare cost, and that absolutely makes no sense to me, and I am sure that I would have noticed this on our previous Costa cruise. Even the lowest price lines allow you unlimited coffee, tea, water. I may have to pack a french press and some coffee...... is hot water readily available at the buffet, or is that at an extra cost too. I don't require cappucino or latte...just good strong brewed coffee..2 cups in the morning with cream. It is unclear to me from the few "bathrobes" posts I have read , if Costa provides these or not. We have always been provided with robes on the mainstream cruise lines ( NCL, RCL,Carnival, HAL etc). I am aware that European based cruise lines do things differently, but even on my very low priced Pullmatur Med cruise this past summer, a Bathrobe was supplied.... For those who have experience with the Pranzo and Cena packages, do the bar staff ignore you if you have the package? I have experienced this on some lines, as they feel they are not going to get anything extra(tip). We usually tip up front when we have a drinks package to make sure the waiter returns, but with the package only applying at lunch and dinner , perhaps ordering more than one glass of wine could be a challenge? I just want to know what we should expect. TIA for your comments and input :)
  4. Great info here. We will be on a 42 Day WC segment Feb 12 to March 26. We are both still working so this will be the longest we have ever been away from home. We live in Atlantic Canada and during our time away the temps will be between minus 15 celcius and minus 30 celcius...perhaps lower. We have decided to hire a service to come in every second day to tend to our 2 young cats, and we will ask the neighbor across the street to clear our driveway of the often 25 to 30 cm of snow that falls in a single storm. I am thinking of getting a camera/smart door bell so I can use an app on my phone to check things out. I have been paying all bills online and on auto pay for the past 5 years, so that is already set up.....we are really looking forward to this trip...but I will be more in planning mode after final payment in early November.
  5. Thanks to all for your comments, very much appreciated ..... Just wondering if you know what currency was used to pay the locals for their items?
  6. Good Morning...this will be our longest trip yet and not a lot of time to pull all the details together ( air ,house sitter , excursions etc) Will spend 4 or 5 hours a week going forward. I would like to know if anyone here has anchored at Pitcairn Island on a Large ship like the Luminosa. The itinerary notes us there from 12 noon until 3pm, and I realize that the Luminosa is too big to tender people to shore so what is the norm here...do they bring locals on board to make a presentation about the island? Thanks in advance
  7. MortgageChick

    Where has all the Costa cruisers gone?

    We are booked on a World Cruise Segment on Luminosa 42 days starting in San Antonio Chile Feb 11 2019. Just found out today that what was advertised at Best Price Cruises as our drink package in our OV Comfort premium room( “Brindiamo”, which will include wine, beer, call brand liquors, cocktails, juices, specialty coffees & bottled water bar service available in buffet, bar, main and specialty restaurants.) Is actually not what they apparently offer on on World Cruises ...even though you pay a higher cost...they offer only the beer and wine and only at lunch and dinner, No one can actually explain why they are advertising it as part of the World cruise and World Segments , but they still have not removed it. I am going to request we be down graded to an OV guarantee ( 1600 USD less) since it seems no matter if you book an inside or an owners suite no one gets anything different in the drink package. I am not sure what the reasoning behind this is.... but I can buy a lot of drinks at $9 each for $1600 and since more than half the cruise is a view of the ocean ....Mheeeh who cares if it is obstructed. This is totally frustrating...and I am beyond pissed that they would try to take advantage of people this way...
  8. MortgageChick

    Deck 4 obstructed OV Luminosa

    Hi all Some people have asked this same question however the answer has never really been "nailed" so to speak On deck 4, are the obstructed ( by lifeboat) OV rooms total obstructions ? has anyone sailed in any of these rooms.? I cannot seem to find an OV Picture window photo on line ...one taken from inside the stateroom. Thank you in advance Sharon
  9. MortgageChick

    Holland America 2019 World Cruise

    Ok so I found the number for the World Cruise Dept at HAL and I have made my deposit on a World Cruise Segment for 2020 ..unknown itinerary and they say they will contact me in June/July to let me know if I have a chance.. ( a bit like a lottery) not much else one can do. We are 3 star mariners...but I dont think that matters much ... fingers crossed!!
  10. MortgageChick

    Holland America 2019 World Cruise

    For those who have a wait list deposit for 2020 WC .how much was the deposit and did you make that through HAL directly...TIA
  11. MortgageChick

    Eurodam Retreat, anyone?

    Thanks All...we are sailing 11 nights from Vancouver in October to Mexico and into San Diego...fairly sure first 3-5 nights not going to be much interested.... but nights 5 to 11 maybe so :)
  12. MortgageChick

    Eurodam Retreat, anyone?

    Can my TA do this? Can I request specific days of the cruise? what is the cost per day...TIA
  13. MortgageChick

    2020 World Cruise Survey released onboard

    Clarification, that is the response from an Avoya Travel agent. Avoya Travel is connected some how to AMEX, with whom I have a Platinum Card and I was referred there Very unprofessional.
  14. MortgageChick

    2020 World Cruise Survey released onboard

    Im going to call them. I just got a response from the TA I mentioned in the last email. My daughter has been home for a few days so I have spent less time on line, as we dont see her very often, The response regarding the inquiry on the World cruise segment as follows: Should I take it that you are no longer moving forward? Up to the point of gathering info, the responses were quick and sharp, then, at the point of making a financial commitment, it all came to a halt. Am I reading this wrong .....or am I? I find this email highly offensive since it has been less than 48 hours since she had last emailed me. The financial obligation she sought was $125 pp to go on a wait list...which makes the email even more offensive..... I already told her I have sailed approx 180 days with HAL so I would not think $125 x 2 is a hard stop for me, but her rudeness most definitely is. UGH People!!
  15. MortgageChick

    2020 World Cruise Survey released onboard

    Thank you Ruth. I have booked only with HAL on their website, but of course this is different. Can I contact someone at HALS inside sales team to deposit the 2020 WC? Somewhere along the way I was referred to Avoya travel, and the agent that contacted my told me I could not deposit and wait list for WC segments at all, then a few hours ago I received an email and she said she just found out I can. Needless to say I am not certain how experienced she is if she was not aware of this before today. I know Avoya is connected to AMEX and I use my Platinum AMEX for all my travel bookings. I also heard that Avoya can provide some extra "perks" IF any of you have used Avoya and have an experienced and competent agent I would be happy to speak with them...or am I just better off dealing directly with HAL on price and any Perks? Thank you for your help :)