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  1. Really, is this the "My way or the Highway" mentality. When Princess 1st cancelled their cruises, they knew how many people would be affected. To get refunds, first it was 30 days, then 60 days, then 90 days. Princess is the one who is constantly changing the rules.While I understand the reduced staff issue, perhaps some of the "top executives" need to start doing some of the work to help those who were promised a refund. Think back as to the leniency that was offered to the cruise line customers if they were a few days late on making final payment, were they given any "breaks"? Exactly how long is "giving them time to follow through?" I am all for protecting "your commission" but not at the cost of not protecting the customer.
  2. No I have more important issues I am dealing with right now.
  3. Unfortunately it was an acute flare up in 2019 or she wouldn’t have needed the emergency brain surgery. The whole point of my original post was to show how Princess operates. There are some things that are not within our control, like brain surgery, or Coronavirus, but the idea of not being able to use FCC for uncontrollable circumstances , I should be allowed to get a refund. They have had my money since December 2018, probably rebooked my cabin for the 2019 Cruise and I have absolutely nothing to show for it except a $7600 loss. I am only requesting that I get back what I paid since I received absolutely nothing.
  4. To answer rocketman275 that is legalize for "we don't care about what happens to you". Contracts don't automatically take away the concept of value received equitable [ ek-wi-tuh-buhl ]SHOW IPA SEE SYNONYMS FOR equitable ON THESAURUS.COM adjective characterized by equity or fairness; just and right; fair; reasonable: equitable treatment of all citizens. Law. pertaining to or valid in equity. pertaining to the system of equity, as distinguished from the common law.
  5. One of the lessons this experience has taught me is not to so naive as to believe that businesses and people who run those businesses will do the right thing. Instead of making the insurance company, that Princess uses for their insurance, spend the manpower, time and money to my possible legal challenge, I took the high road and said "they will do the right thing" down the road if there is a problem. As for their denying the claim, her brain tumor was probably there since birth, so it was always a preexisting condition.
  6. Letter submitted to Customer Relations My wife and I have a rather unique situation that I need help in solving. Let me start out by stating that my wife and I are both Captains Circle Platinum members, have been loyal clients of Princess Cruises for many years and are shareholders in Carnival Cruise Lines, your parent company. In March of 2019 we were booked on a 15 day Panama Canal Cruise. Approximately 2 weeks prior to the cruise, my wife underwent emergency brain surgery. We had the Platinum Insurance and we submitted a claim to the AON Insurance Company for a refund. They denied the claim stating that it was a preexisting condition. Since, upon knowing that surgery would be required and that we had rebooked the same cruise for April 2020 after cancelling the 2019 trip, I did not dispute the insurance companies claim and the final outcome that we only received Future Cruise Credit. I realize in hindsight, that my believing in Princess always doing the fair and equitable thing was naive on my part. I should have pursued a cash refund and not done what I considered the “right” thing at the time, I should have fought the Platinum Insurance outcome, even considered legal action if necessary. I believed that Princess Cruises would always support me as I have supported Princess Cruises. Fast forwarding to March 2020, lightning struck again and my wife found out that she would have to have cervical spine surgery. The doctor advised us to cancel the April cruise and have the surgery immediately. He stated that based on her MRI she would not be safe and could have permanent damage without said surgery immediately. Due to the Pandemic that was not possible. Three days later Princess cancelled our trip due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. I filled out the paperwork in March using the option #2 for a refund and submitted it to Princess Cruises. I am asking for a cash refund versus FCC based on the following information. Princess Cruises has been in possession of almost $7476 of our money since January of 2019. I have not been able to ascertain whether or not Princess was able to rebook our Minisuite Cabin to someone else for the March 2019 cruise. Based upon the cabin being in a sold out section of the ship for said cruise, I am inclined to believe that Princess was able to fill that cabin for that cruise. My wife and I are both over the age of 70 and we both have immune disorders. I also have diabetes and a heart condition. Based upon our age, health issues and the outcome from my wife’s surgery in the next few weeks, we will never be able to cruise again after Princess starts sailing again. In good faith, we had planned to continue to cruise with Princess, Also in good faith, I am requesting a cash refund of the FCC. We are both on fixed incomes and cannot afford to lose almost $7500. Thank you. Please respond. Below is the request I sent to the CEO of Princess, after I was informed of their decision to not authorize a cash refund by a Customer Relations representative in response to the above letter “Good afternoon Ms. Swartz. I know during this time of peril that you are very busy, but I hope you will take the time, to help my wife and I. Please see the attached letter I sent to the Customer Relations Department. I received a phone call today from them, stating that I would not be getting a refund and that I would basically lose the $7500, if I did not use it for a future cruise. Since my wife and I are no longer physically able to cruise. We are both on fixed incomes and cannot afford to lose that much money. I am asking you to review my request and reverse that decision. I am hoping that you will do so. A reply is requested. Thank you” Yesterday, May 3 I heard from the Executive offices of Jan Swartz, I was told that they would not be refunding my money and that the FCC was the only thing they would allow. I have requested a written confirmation and also asked them to inform me if they were indeed able to resell the cabin for the original 2019 cruise. Perhaps I am old fashioned in my thinking, but I have always believed that in any business transaction that “Fair and Equitable” means that if you pay for something, you should get something in return. Princess has had my money since December 2018, most likely was able to resell my cabin for the 2019 Cruise I cancelled. My wife and I are unable to cruise any longer, whether for our medical conditions, the Coronavirus, or any other circumstances. We still have not received any value. If you believe that Princess cruise has been “Fair and Equitable” that is up to you to decide. I for one do not believe they have been. Based upon the final outcome, I will be seeking help and support from Social Media, government Consumer agencies, and TV and Newspaper Articles, Editorials and Consumer complaints. If this is the “New Normal” and that is how Princess is going to be doing business, perhaps a second thought in sailing with them is in order. “Buyer Beware” takes on a whole new importance. I invite anyone who reads this post to post a copy of my attempt to get a refund, on his or her Facebook, Instagram, etc. accounts. I believe that everybody should be aware of how Princess Cruises has chosen to do business. I hope with this effort to educate people so that nobody else will suffer the same fate that my wife and I are experiencing. Thank you
  7. 1gizmo, you should not post information about type 2 that is misleading, Type 2 diabetics can also require insulin. I know this for a fact because I am one. I didn’t have to take insulin for the 1st 25 years of Type 2 but finally I need a insulin shot to control my blood sugars. By taking insulin you do not automatically become a Type 1.
  8. I have spoken with 4 representatives of Princess and none of them can give me a definitive answer. Two of them were not even aware of the April 14 statement from Princess that has been posted here. They definitely will not put anything in writing.
  9. While I appreciate all the information I gained from these replies , it seems like a lot of them are off topic and dealing with Gift Cards refund. Since I did not get any discount using Gift Cards and I am not looking to profit from the discount associated with Gift cards, I just need more info on getting a cash refund since due to the new health rules I won't be able to use the FCC. Thank you
  10. We had to cancel a 2019 cruise due to a medical emergency, rebooked the same cruise for 2020 that was cancelled.
  11. Anybody have any experience or knowledge about whether Princess can refuse to refund the money for a cruise that was paid for entirely with FCC, but was cancelled by Princess? Specifically if Princess will not allow a person who is over 70 with diabetes to cruise in the future without a doctor’s form. It would seem that if Princess indeed will require such a form and if the doctor will not sign it, that they are basically saying, “we have your money that you paid for a cruise for in the form of FCC, but we won’t let you use it”. Doesn’t sound fair and equitable to me.
  12. Just saw this as well. What good is Cruise Credit if you can't cruise due to a "chronic medical condition" "If you meet any of these criteria, please contact Princess as soon as possible, definitely before you travel to the terminal for embarkation. If you’re unable to sail because of these restrictions, you’ll receive a full cruise credit."
  13. What exactly is a "underlying, severe, chronic medical condition"?? Enhancing Health Requirements We will deny boarding to guests and crew if they: Have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 or a person being monitored for COVID-19. Are suffering from a fever or flu-like symptoms prior to embarkation. Have an underlying, severe, chronic medical condition.
  14. I got a call today from Princess regarding a refund for my independent air fare for a Princess cancelled cruise. I had filled out a form for reimbursement, not realizing at the time, I had purchased separate air insurance. I had filed a separate claim with Princess approximately 30 days ago. I have since received the airfare back to my credit card for the flight from the insurance company. I informed the representative from Princess that I got my money back. I then asked the status of my refund for the actual cruise. She said that part of getting money back was being handled by a different group at Princess and could not get me a status update. When I mentioned the 30/60/90 day delay she said that it may be even a longer time frame.
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