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  1. Per your request this is a partial copy of the email. To answer the other question. We are going to Mexican Ports. Visa.pdf
  2. Thanx for the replies. That is what I thought, but nowadays always good to get all the information one can. 😁
  3. I received an email today from Princess for a Mexico Cruise that my wife and I are taking in January 2020. The subject matter was about a Visa. My wife and I are both American Citizens. Anybody know why we received this email? Why would we need a Visa? Is a just a coincidence that we recently signed up for Ocean Ready and downloaded our passports that that show they were issued from the United States?
  4. Looks like they fixed the offline problem, but now it gives a error message under travel documents. “Unable to show travel document recommendations “ I had previously uploaded the passports. Well we we see what tomorrow or Monday brings.
  5. My apologies, I was referring to the security picture for the Ocean Ready security picture. I didn’t know what the rules were for the app, as opposed to the security picture taken when embarking check in. I know in passport photos that you cannot have glasses on.
  6. I have the same “offline” problem. I am guessing it is on Princess end. I do have a question, when I can connect. Can the security picture, not the image picture, be taken with my glasses on? Thank you
  7. Wen_c82, Out of curiosity did you cancel for medical reasons?
  8. It was my experience that AON only handled the claim if you were asking for a cash refund. Medical reasons are usually a difficult situation, I will be interested in your outcome. Princess usually handles cruise credit after AON has not allowed the claim. As I said that was my experience and since things are constantly changing, the procedure may have changed also.
  9. I understand that the medallion will unlock your door as you approach it. My question is if you leave the room and don’t take your medallion does the door remain unlocked? As an example if I go to the pool and don’t want to take my medallion with me, what happens when I close the door?
  10. My wife will be celebrating her 72nd birthday on the Royal Princess in January. Can anyone who has ordered flowers through Princess make a recommendation as to which package I should get her? If anyone has actual pictures of the ones they received (not the picture that is on the Princess website) that would be greatly appreciated. Thanx😁
  11. Perhaps when a new ship gets built, they should include multiple dining rooms for the dress code. One could be “wear what you want”, that way if you picked that dining room, no one would care what you were wearing. Another one could be “formal dress only” that way people who wanted to dress up for dinner every night would not have to worry about what the people dining with them were wearing. A vacation should be all about enjoying yourself and as long as you are not causing someone physical discomfort, live and let live. Remember there is a reason that they make a lot of different ice cream flavors. You get to choose your own flavor and if you don’t like the others person choice, choose another one for yourself.
  12. There will always be people who like to beat the system. Whether it’s parking in disabled parking spaces when they shouldn’t, cheating on their taxes, or even something as “trivial” (pardon the pun) as fixing the Trivia game. Don’t let those people spoil your experience. Play the game fairly and have satisfaction in knowing that you did the best you can by playing fairly.
  13. Out of curiosity, if you just get a medallion with the lanyard, is there any charge (shipping, handling, etc) to have it shipped to your house?
  14. Dear So_Tweetie thank you so much for the video. It was great and very informative. Is there any place I can view the rest of the videos or pictures?😎
  15. Can anyone enlighten me as to the cost and the Reservation Process on the Coral Princess for the Sanctuary on the morning that we will be going through the Panama Canal locks on a 15 day Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles cruise? Thank you😁
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