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  1. The day before the flyer came out it did say "when choosing price right rate" as I printed it off. But those few choice words have by the next day were removed! Plus not sure how you can advertise FREE DRINKS then charge for the 2 perks
  2. Not always the case I booked an FV cabin for only 2 of us 11 months before the start of the cruise
  3. I agree totally with you as I am in the same situation as you but I am also wondering if because there are only 12 of these cabins they maybe already be booked so a lift and shift would not be possible anyway
  4. I am in the same situation as you, cannot lift and shift and no help from Celebrity to offer any comparable cabins. When you go into your reservation and click on change your cabin, the pic comes up as Sunset Suite, with a lovely description of everything that is included even though reserved an FV. Our cruise is in April 21 so I wanted to change to April 22. I’ll hold out final payment not due for a while and we have a refundable deposit
  5. Hi can you explain this ? I have an October cruise booked that has OBC but I did not book this onboard, if I change my cruise but keep the same booking number will I get to keep the OBC?
  6. Will do neighbour and you as well, just realized your from our beautiful Nations Capital!
  7. The Celebrity person I spoke to advised they were being changed to the new Sunset Suites so she would not let me change.
  8. Just be aware that if you decided to take advantage of the "lift and switch" to the following year you may not be able to due to the FV cabin. We had an FV booked and wanted to change the cruise to the following year, same ship, itinerary, nights etc. but was advised we could not as the FV category was not being offered??? which really sucked for us, they told us we would have to book two rooms and of course for a lot more $$$$
  9. I tried to switch my April 2021 from Tampa to an April 2022. We have an FV cabin same ship same itinerary same length but told I can't change as the FV cabin no longer a catagory 😬
  10. I would like to switch from April 2021 to April 2022 itinerary and ship the same but the FV veranda cabin is not available I wonder if I may not be able to change the sailing
  11. This maybe a long shot but we are trying to locate a really nice couple we met on our Panama Canal cruise onboard the Norwegian Joy Feb 14 to March 1/2020 . We only have their first names Anne and Will. We befriended them on the Joy our first sea day. Unfortunately Will had a heart attack and he and Anne left the ship in Costa Rica. Never had a chance to exchange info as we were only about a week into our 16 night cruise and we never expected this would happen. We have been desperately trying to find them . The only info we have is they lived in New Jersey, moved to Texas (both worked for Exxon) and then finally retired and now live in Akumal, Mexico. If by any chance Anne or Will reads this is it is Ricky and Siobhan here looking for you both
  12. Our friends had an Alaska cruise cancelled for this upcoming May . They originally booked with previous FCC that they had to use up plus additional funds given They are receiving the additional funds back to their credit card, but the FCC has to be used for them prior to Oct 31/2020
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