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  1. Fantastic review thank you . We are boarding this Monday 🛳🍻🏝☀️☀️😊
  2. Here’s a pic I took of the taxi costs when we were there this past January
  3. On our cruise in January we flew into Ft Lauderdale the day before our Miami cruise, there was another couple who got on our shuttle who were cruising on Celebrity that day they said the flight was delayed at origin, we didn't leave the Ft Lauderdale airport till around 230 PM . When we arrived at the port to drop them off, Celebrity staff came over and advised them they were closed! They exited the shuttle anyway not sure if they got on or not and they were panicking. I would never fly the day of the cruise hell I am suppose to be on vacation so no stress!
  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience, glad it is all working out for you ., have a fantastic trip we still have 59 days till we sail 🍻
  5. That’s great news for you and for us all! Thanks for taking the time to report back. Have a great vacation Cheers 🍻
  6. This is not good. Sorry you are going through this, your suppose to be enjoying your vacation not running around trying to get a drink you already paid for !
  7. Here’s the response I got through messenger although my question about price increases has yet to be viewed and answered
  8. That would be great thank you. I believe most of us would like to know if our already paid for drink package upgrades will be honoured, especially after our final payment has been made. We upgraded to the Classic from the Drinks on us promo. Appreciate you doing this. I agree $1100 for Heineken or Miller light is nuts. My brother is a wholesale rep in the UK for Scottish brands which sells Heineken and I still don't like it !!
  9. Seriously Heineken or Miller Lite ONLY on the new Easy Package !!! What happened to the Gelato and the milkshakes ! Hopefully someone onboard can soon verify what’s going on !
  10. I have a couple of months to see how this all plays out. It will be interesting to read exactly how this change is going to affect our Classic Package and to find out what exactly I can get for it with regards to frozen drinks, beers etc.
  11. numerous people have been asking and no one seems to get a straight answer.
  12. I think the domestic bottled beers also went up, so I am wondering about those, as far as frozen drinks, yes I too upgraded for those so if worse comes to worse I'll order a virgin frozen drink with a couple of shots on the side and make my own lol !
  13. The thought of spending more USD to upgrade from the Classic to the Deluxe does not make me happy, especially being Canadian as you are, with the exchange rate that's another $10.80 a day and at 11 days almost another $240 Canadian!!
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