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  1. Hello, I am in the same boat. Our cruise was cancelled in Aug 2019 - we now have to book by 12/19 for a cruise in 2021 or 2022, we are going to book something in 2022. Problem is once you book and then the deposit is due 90 days out......if cruises are modified say mask wearing, shore excursions are supervised etc, I would not want to go and would want to cancel. I did call Carnival yesterday and the customer service was helpful as they do not have a crystal ball either, but there is no insurance that will let you cancel for no reason. You need to have a Dr note saying that you are sic
  2. I feel there will be no cruising from the United States till there is a vaccine & medication for covid. We here in NYS can't even go to a restaurant to eat and drink inside without a mask and when we do - they are only limited to how many people can go in and no bars open like before covid - all monitored to where you can sit etc......and if you travel outside of NY and you work you must quarantine for 14 days when you get back from another state. How can a cruise line open up and be like it used to be with quest walking freely around and eating and drinking, music and shows? I ho
  3. I feel that there needs to be a "medication" for Covid. If the vaccine is only 50-60% it's not going to do the trick and people will still be getting sick as they do with the flu each year. Come on with the medication so we can get back to normal.
  4. Anyone traveling from NYS - needs to quarantine for the 14 days upon return from a RED state. This is a problem when you work for an employer, because they need to track you - which I hate. I would need to use 80 hrs of sick time or work from home if I left NYS for a vacation to a state that is under the RED list. I need to re-book a cruise by the end of December 2020.......I don't see anything leaving New York or New Jersey as of yet for 2022.
  5. I agree.....I would not cruise if you have to worry about "social distancing and wearing a mask" that would not be a vacation for me - it would be more aggravation for the money paid. I will wait till this virus is sorted out and we can cruise normally again. Hopefully that is sooner than later.
  6. I have family in TX and TX is currently a "red state" on the map. I am still working and employed. With employers having control over your travel plans now in the US......I hope this is true. I want to travel to TX to see family, but will have to quarantine for 14 days and this is just one trip! How are others still working handling travel within the US? Now with the holiday's coming up traveling and seeing family is so stressful not knowing. I did have my 2020 Carnival Cruise cancelled and I did get a $600 OBC....which is great. I have to re-book a cruise by the end of 2
  7. Our July 2020 was cancelled way back. I can not see any cruise line starting up until there is Medication/Vaccine for the Covid 19. How could cruise lines even try to sail?
  8. I believe there will be "No Cruises" till there is medication for the virus and/or a vaccine. I don't know how they can control a ship load of 2000-5000 people. Anyone suffering from a fever or flu-like symptoms prior to embarkation at check in will not be able to board - I get this. But what happens if people are fine boarding but actually come down with this virus a few days into the cruise and no one but the person/family know. How would that even be monitored???? Crazy at it seems, it will happen.
  9. MsTabbyKats, you are correct. Even ((( if ))) a cruise ship had 100% full of health people headed out to sea.....and then visited the islands here and there, whats stopping someone from picking up something on one of the islands and bringing it back on the ship how would anyone "police" that. It's just too crazy to think that anyone is safe traveling on a cruise ship within this year or possibly next year. Now I do know that people are going to travel when they can no matter what - I trust no one, and I have to travel on a plane to visit family myself......I think the only thing that w
  10. This is how I feel, right now I am not in the mood to even think about travel in the future....... But I do think it will be at least 2 year for me to cruise again, I will be looking into a land vacation that I can control my coming and goings in the future. I did have a cruise booked that was cancelled for July of 2020 - I have chosen to keep my down payment and use/rebook within two years. I will re-evaluate the situation then, hopefully everything will be back to normal by then.
  11. I am booked on the Radiance out of NYC in July 2020 - we all know that is not going to happen..........I only put down a down payment. My final payment is due on April 21. At this point I do not care if I get more OBC credit or this or that - I do not feel safe booking another cruise out at this point in time. I am waiting for things to calm down - I want to feel good about booking a vacation. In a year from now maybe. I can not see the port in NYC up and running anytime soon !! Just my thought.
  12. footballbabe3, I have not heard anything yet on my cruise on the Radiance in July. I will have to talk to my travel agent.
  13. I have a July 9 day book on the Radiance, we are supposed to make the last payment on April 21. I don't think that is going to happen.
  14. I have heard you must buy trip insurance so many days out from when booked or you can't buy it.
  15. How can anyone go on a cruise vacation and have a good time only to worry so much about getting sick that you have to wear a mask and gloves.......really? I would cancel and stay home!! Book another cruise months out when all of this settles down.
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