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  1. If NCL goes bankrupt your investment becomes a capital loss. You can deduct this lodd on your taxes. Of course there is a limit to how much you can deduct each year but at least your shares are not totally worthless.
  2. Attached are the Bliss Freestlye Dailys for the Mexican Riviera for anyone that needs them NCL_Bliss_FSD_Mexico_2018.pdf
  3. I agree. The Halloween cruise was very enjoyable and loads of fun. Like you, I was surprised at the large groups of singles on the ship but I think they made each night more festive. All were very friendly and ever night was a blast. Not all dressed for Halloween but a good majority did which made the evening very fun. The Bliss crew even made a Haunted House on deck 5 for all that dared. It was way better than I expected and lots of fun. . . so glad that we did not pass it up.The ship was decorated very lightly for Halloween but some passengers decorated their doorways; us included. The two big parties of the week were the Caliente party (Glow Party on other ships) and the Halloween party. Both were packed with people on the pool deck. I did not catch the comedians nor the prohibition show so cannot comment however I was really disappointed with the Havana show. I was expecting a show similar to Burn the Floor but it was not like that at all. In fact it was quite boring. The Jersey Boys show was good but it was way too long running about 2hrs. I did see the Beatles shows and enjoyed them very much in the small venue; each show was about 45min. I though it was a great addition to the entertainment line up. Bottom line the best part of the Bliss was the ship itself. The ship had many things to offer to such a diverse group of passengers sailing that week. Yes, the ship did have a s fun party atmosphere. Every night people were out enjoying what the ship had to offer. I hope I will be back on the Bliss soon.
  4. Hi every on, Boarding the Bliss today. Does anyone know if they will store your carry on while you are waiting for your cabin? Trying to decide to check my bag or carry it on board. Thanks for the assistance!
  5. Thanks for the tip Socal! I was able to determine from the video the location of the connecting door, the small balcony and the position of the bed (unfortunately not next to balcony--darn). I never had a connecting room so I am a bit worried about the noise from the other cabin.
  6. Hi, Can anyone confirm if hidden beach is still open to the public? I was able to visit the beach 10 years ago using a local fisherman. Now I am hearing the beach is closed and only open at select times with limited numbers of people to visit per day. Has anyone been to Hidden Beach lately? If so, what was your experience? Crowded? Expensive? Limited time to stay at the beach? Worth it? Thanks in advance for your thoughts ;)
  7. rockfish-----did you have any issues booking the Prohibition show once on board? Did you book through the computer display or at the box office?
  8. I am booked in cabin 9146 this Oct. Does anyone know if this cabin has a large balcony? It is also a connecting room. Should I be concerned about noise from the neighboring cabin?
  9. Just another thumbs up to post the Dailies from the Mexican Rivera!!!!!!
  10. Hi Littlelulu, Can you tell me if you had any issues making reservations for the Go-carts? Did you make them as soon as you were on board or later in the day? I will be sailing on the Bliss in a few weeks and want to be prepared. Thx
  11. Looking forward to hearing the trip report. I will be in the Oct 27 Mexican Riviera sailing. BTW.....if it's not a problem can you post the Freestlye Dailies? Would love to see what's in store!
  12. Hi everyone. I am in a connecting balcony cabin for my upcoming cruise on the Bliss. I am concerned about noise coming from the neighboring cabin. Has anyone had any bad experiences?
  13. On my last cruise out of Miami last year I bought several 20oz bottles of water for $1.50ea out of the vending machine in the cruise terminal while I was waiting to board. Stuffed them into my carryon and walked on board with no problem. It worked out great for me!
  14. Did you see the Prohibition show? If so, what day and time is it being performed? Also, was it worth the up change of $30?
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